Ekimu in the City

Does photography count as Artwork? Not sure where to post this :sweat_smile: Got the Falcon and the cape and thought they’d work well on my Ekimu MOC, but it’s not really a MOC showcase so I didn’t put it in Lego Creations


I like the nuva symbol shield.

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I really like the lighting here, as well as the shadow Ekimu casts. The only thing I would suggest is a little better posing, because here he looks like he’s in an awkward static pose, almost ready to fall forward.

That’s generally where people put it, although I’m still all for getting a photography category.

That is the promotional cape that we got mid-2016. It’s not a shield, but it sort of goes over the arm like one.

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I like the picture! I don’t know much about photography, but it does look pretty good.

Also, Ekimu kinda looks defeated. Did he fail a job interview?

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@oculusnuva @decepticonaiden I guess it’s a long tiring walk from Okoto :grin::sweat_smile:

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