Ekimu The First

Here is my entry for the anniversary contest:

Ten thousand of years before the toa arrived, Okoto was a peaceful island paradise. That was until The Great Mask Maker showed up. Using the Kanohi Vahi to travel hundreds of thousands of years into the future, he arrived on the island. He saw that the people of the strange island wore masks. This intrigued him greatly. He saw that the masks had no power, but were worn by the tribal people as part of their traditions. This sight inspired him to make a mask. The mask he made both became the mask worn by every villager and protector to this day, but also convinced the villagers to put him in command of the island.

As time passed, The large being began the construction of a large city in the middle of the island. The city was made, and people of all species began to populate it. At the heart of the city, a temple was made where he would make masks. He began making masks for the villagers and gladiators. One such gladiator requested a mask the would strike fear into his victims. The Mask Maker created the first skull spider mask. It amplified the strength and speed of the wearer. This gladiator would go on to inspire every gladiator to where a skull mask, and would later become skull slicer.

While making the mask, The Mask Maker began thinking of a spider rahi. They moved in groups and could lift heavy objects as a team. The Mask Maker then started making sentient skull spider masks. They would function as minions for him, but to control them he would need a very powerful mask. He spent many hours slaving in his temple, and eventually, made the first golden mask the villagers have ever seen. The Golden Mask Of Skull Spiders. This allowed the user to control the skull spiders. The lord of skull spiders later found this and used it. If the skull spider mask latches on to someone, LoSS can then control the spider, and control the mask’s victim.

After the making of the golden mask, The Mask Maker was dawned the title Ekimu, which means creator. He also began to take in apprentices. As Ekimu grew in power, he knew the target on his back was also growing. He constructed the temple of time. The temple uses the Vahi, which is hidden inside. This was a secret place Ekimu could go to to escape an attacker as a last resort. A few years after its construction, Ekimu vanished. A vote was held to decide the next Ekimu. There were only two aprentices at the time. Unfortunately for Makuta, he didn’t win. The title was passed along then passed along. The new Ekimu allowed Makuta to continue as a mask maker along side him, as an equal.

Unfortunately, Makuta took this as a sign of pity, and began to despise Ekimu…

Okay, here’s the moc!

From the front:

From the back:

He uses a photon lance for combat, and a photon hammer to forge masks. The hammer can store on his back.

With hammer:

Photon hammer:

Photon lance:

Next to an apprentice mask maker:

Next to a very certain gladiator :wink::

Commanding the hoards:

What do you guys think? Personally, I think it’s the best moc I’ve ever built. Not trying saying it’s good though :stuck_out_tongue:


personally I really like him and the associated backstory


Thanks man! I really appreciate it :smile:


Awesome! love him and Slicer!

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I’m not saying I don’t like it but I never once thought Ekimu was a title.

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Amazing job!


I like the leg design. And the weapons.

Although, how does the hammer shoot without shooting your fingers?

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Amazing MOC and the story is great!

Hope you win! :smile:

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I loved that Moc and the Backstory on him,too.

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Dude. That’s some major competition, I love it man. Good luck
9/10 no MoC

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So much gold. Luxury!

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Unfortunately it doesn’t shoot.


Thanks you guys!


I think he means Mask of Creation…



Yeah, I don’t have it yet.


The moc and story go great together. The moc is great 10/10.

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Thanks man! I’m glad you like it :smile:

Not anymore!


Awesome! I made this for you!


Holy crap! Thanks man :smiley:

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What anniversary contest? Could somebody send me a link to this contest.

I never really thought about Ekimu being a title, I always assumed it was a name, which it probably is.

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Bonjour monsieur Giraffe! I’d give this topic a read :slight_smile:

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It’s celebrating the anniversary of the Boards! Sadly it is now closed, but you can still vote! :slight_smile: