Ekimu, The Mask Maker (Revamp)

Here I am again! Woohoo!
Here with an Ekimu Revamp.
Here with 3 starting photos. Front shot, w/ Protector Mask, Back shot, and weapon shot w/ Mask of Creation. You guys can tell me if you want to see a part of the moc in particular.


Pretty cool, the shield’s really nice.

I love that shield, it’s amazing. Good job! :smile:

@PekekoaOfJungle @The_Baron That shield was pretty hard to make, not because of it’s build. Building it was simple, the hard was finding out what to make the shield out of. After a while though, I decided on Tarix’s swords. Mainly because I just so happened to find them.

The shield and hammer is good. But the figure itself is meh.

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too much silver, not enough chima shoulders.

I think you could rework this into another character and it would look better imo.


Using tarix’s weapons as part of ekimu’s shield looks awesome

Shield is 10/10. The rest is alright.

Thats the funniest thing, too.
Usually a moc of mine has at least 2 other phases before the final one, things that are totally different from the main thi- Oh its easier to say with Ekimu as an example.

Okay so the first phase is the same thing build-wise (By that I mean the skeleton of the moc, not the armor around it), but character-wise (the armor/weapons/ect) it was a sort of skull villain, a lot more skinny and lanky than Ekimu here.

Second phase was a lot more bulked out, but looked more like a miniature Wairuha.

Third phase is Ekimu. I just thought using Kopaka’s chestplate with silver and trans-blue looked cool, and just built around that.

As for the chima shoulder thing…
Those are CCBS Chima pieces? Geez, America missed out.
I only have 3 of them. Queen Beast’s 1, and Ekimu VS Skull Grinder’s 2. I have 2 on my self-moc, as a sort of long sleeve thing. So I only have one left. If I had another one, I’d totally use those pieces on his shoulder-pads.

The shield and hammer are really cool, but he’s a little skinny for my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks pretty good, especially the hammer, but big =/= revamp. I feel you could make him closer to his protector size and he would look just as good, and more like Ekimu.

the forge hammer is cool and the shield is alright but the body could use some work less silver armour

the shield and hammer are cool, but there’s something off about the body to me

Might as well start asking questions, answering to the people? Helps me understand what to fix.

Most/All of you have commented on the body.

Now, that depends on what area of the body you mean. If it’s the pelvic area, I’d agree. The torso is just fine. Broad shoulders, overall not to fat/not to skinny body. Looks fine really.

Well, let me say. Big = Revamp. In a lego sense, Any change = revamp. I mean, not any change. I can’t slap Kopaka’s sword on Tahu and call it a revamp, of course. But If I made something bigger, increased the size of it’s weapons, and changed it’s armor and body in other ways, like I did, It is a revamp.

Now, I Could make him smaller, protector-sized and overall more accurate to his set counterpart, but where’s the fun in that?

Now onto what I’ve heard a lot. Silver Armor. Whats the issue, exactly? There isnt much of it. Counting the peices now, there are just as many silver armor peices as there are gold ones.

1- Silver clashes with gold.

2- That makes up for lots of clashing and as such about 1/3 of the model is silver.

Really doesn’t look bad to me. Clashing? Yes. But, aesthetically pleasing/good looking? IMO, yeah.

Yes, that is the area I mean

I feel like the MOC gets really skinny around the waist. But the rest of it is definitely a 10/10

Kay, I love that shield, but I am not a huge fan of the rest of the MOC, he looks kinda lanky and awkward, the silver kinda is meh, and the overall MOC seems unfitting for Ekimu.

Great shield though!

Don’t care for two metallic colors and the waist is a tad to spindly. Still has articulation to make up for that.