Ekorak's feeble attempts at art

So as you may or may not know, I’m pretty well known for having pretty much no art skill whatsoever. I’m here to try to fix that, and hopefully you can help.

Here’s something I drew tonight. It’s a sketch of Ekorak as he actually looks, not the MOC.

Thoughts? I haven’t drawn in ages, so some critique could help.

Here’s a comparison to the MOC. If you look carefully, you may be able to see the Halo Spartan/Elite inspiration.

Critique is, like I said, welcome.


Ekorak looks like a reptilian humanoid with an elongated head

like the rest of your universe


Well, I am fond of that style :3


Reptilian head…Pythor?! XD I like it, gives a good sense of character to him.


Oh. Thaaat’s what Ek’s supposed to look like?

Uh, well, do whatever the hell ya want with the head, I guess. I totally misinterpreted the idea behind this MOC when advising.


@Oonie Thanks! Yeah, it does kinda look like Pythor.

@Chro Your point does still stand, but yeah. I do like his head how it is :3


Well it you wanted critique, I guess…

Compared to the self-moc, the neck is too long, the fingers look like crab claws, legs look like inika calves to me, and the spike looks liek it should be red and more 'bumpy’er compared to the moc. If you wanted a comparison of the moc compared to the drawing, then the exact opposite.


Yeah. It is meant to be a bit longer than the MOC, because I can pull it off for the art but not the MOC. Even then it is a bit long.

That’s true. They’re meant to look weird, but not quite that weird XP

Color is invalid here as it was drawn with a pencil. As for the bumpiness…it’s based more off of the older heads. I’ll try the next version with the angles and see how it works.

Congratulations! You are the first person to notice that. The original legs were actually inspired by the Inika legs. I figured it would carry over a bit more to the art.

Thank you for your thoughts!


Heyoo! Nice attempts Eko!

As for drawing is quite nice, but when trying to draw again (since you were not drawing for ages xP) try making things 2D, then slowly adding more 3D-ness and shadows! As for the draing is preety… interesting, this might be offensive but… Ekorak (drawing/true representation) looks like cross between human, snake and Girrafe (please take that as a joke and dont flag me… Cries)
Otherwise he is nice (also you can do a long neck, if you go back to version i drawed/took inspiration from, you just need more of those black pieces, that i cant remember a name of, i will do a photo when i find one in my pieces!)

sigh That was long and exhausting


I think that just jumping right in is a better approach. If you spend all that time coddling yourself to get back into the swing of things, you can lose some of your technique or forget a special way to shade that you used to do a lot. I’ve done both after hitting long ruts, and I can honestly say, just draw your best every time. Simply because you haven’t in a while, doesn’t mean you need more practice.

Anyway, that was rather long…

I like this interpretation of Ek. The neck threw me off a bit, but I think that it fits overall. Good job, and I hope you keep drawing!

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True, but is better to do it by small steps rather than going full