Ekorak's MOC Critique topic

So, basically, with the influx of new members who have been posting MOCs like madmen, I’ve been skimming over MOC topics more than ever, recently.

This means that, as a more advanced MOCer, I miss out on getting to critique a lot of MOCs out there.

So please, by all means, post away. I’ll try to get to them when I can.

(I’m going to sleep now, but when I wake up, I want to see at least three MOCs with which I can spent some time critiquing :D)

(yes I enjoy critiquing stuff)

(yes I am sick in the head)



Here ya go Ek. Rip him apart.

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Original topic


This is a Toa of Earth I made a while back, I haven’t a name for him, yet please suggest if you want! :smile:

His neck has full articulation.
He has a carrier for his dagger on his back Broken Iruini staff piece for a dagger

Critique at will! :smile:

I was able to get my hands on my Toa of Earth for as long as I needed to take a Nyran shot! :smiley:
P.S. when I made this I could not find a blank black holder for his dagger, the rest of the sword sticking out is from a broken Reidak tool

Ok… i cant remember if you acctualy reviewed “Lezaza”

So how about you go search her name and review the moc? :G
2 things:
-How do you torso?
-Terribad Possing!



That Laugh was too sarcasic man

LOL, it’s Takanuva)


For what it is, it’s quite nice. It’s a rather simple CCBS build, and it does its job. I do have to note that the lack of a chestplate addon does bother me.

The weapons are…simple, but I guess they work.

My biggest complaint would have to be that the claw piece on the head is unique, but distracting, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, simple doesn’t appear to work for every MOC. While I will give you congrats for using the best pre-made leg piece they had for BIONICLE, the upper legs and upper arms are very scrawny, and the lower arms are rather under armored. On top of that, the ten unit wide shoulders combined with the skinny limbs doesn’t quite work.

I do like the chestplate and sword being the only gold thing on him, however.

(I’ll get to the rest in a little bit)


I do get that a lot for this MOC, ya know?

I would like to change it, but due to lack of parts, and having trouble with custom limb pieces, I’ve just left it that way. :smiley:

Could you perhaps do this Makuta named Tagah?


Is this the topic where we get to criticize Ekorak’s MOCs?




Yeah. I want to get a gold “villain core” to add a little bulk and texture.

I definitely see what you mean, but I don’t think I wan’t to change it.

Thanks for the critique :smiley:

I had the @Nyran shot here, but since @DarkTakanuva said to put it in an imgur album, I edited my original post, to see it; go to post 3

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Can you look at my SM?

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Your Makuta looks rather nice, especially in the torso. The legs aren’t anyting out of this world, being comprised of only eight pieces. The arms on the other hand aren’t all that great. The upper arms are rather flat and awkward. The torso, on the other hand, actually works quite well. The shoulders are quite wide, though. Never liked that about the premade torso. The chestplate and shoulder pads work quite well together, and I like it.

@Booster_Gold Nice, you armored the back. The weapon is also REALLYY freakin sweet. I love how that looks.

The arms are pretty nice, and the torso looks pretty sweet from the back. The legs…well…I don’t like them. The ingenuity is there, using four chestplates and all, but they
A: Look horrendous from the back
B: Look way too flat from the front, AND look too bulky for the rest of the MOC.
And while I admire the attempt at making a MOC primarily/all out of CCBS and trying to make it look better, I think that this MOC could be made drastically better with the inclusion of Technic and BIONICLE pieces. Just don’t use the textured BIONICLE pieces, because they’ll look like crap on this MOC. Only use smooth stuff.

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<I swear don’t do this to me>