Elder The Dark Hunter

Elder was rained under Ancient in secret, and was enraged by his master’s death. Elder is out hunting for whoever killed him, and will do anything as long as it will help him avenge his master.
On to the MOC, he is a highly modified build, that I used for an unamed Makuta. I trashed that Idea instead making him a dark hunter. He is kind of build in a reptilian form, which is why his arms are long. He has claws for hands and wields a faint double bladed sword, and a launcher. He is highly strong and fairly agile, but while he is stealthily he acts on emotions, leading him into danger. He may side with a Toa team, I am still working on the story. Comments and Croatian accepted as always and thanks for taking the time to read this.


Nice MOC. I have some suggestions. The sword is a little generic and I think it could benefit from a smaller one. The dark blue on the head looks out of place. I suggest you add to the color scheme as it stands it’s a little generic.

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I used the blue since the last moc, that was highly improved for this one had the same colors and People liked the head, I would use black but I only have one left and and using my second the sword is due to lack of ideas, and I would like to improve it.

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I really like this moc not a big fan of the one small trans blue piece by his arm