Element Lords Quick Designs

As some of us know, the Element Lords were intended to be the main villains of 2010. But alas, that never came to pass. However, I came across this website with an armor creator (https://rollforfantasy.com/tools/armor-creator.php) and thought I could make some quick designs/concepts for what the Element Lords may have ended up looking like and here they are:

Element Lord-fire
The Element Lord of Fire

Element Lord-water
The Element Lord of Water

Element Lord-jungle
The Element Lord of Jungle

Element Lord-rock
The Element Lord of Rock
Since he’s was a leader class Skrall, he probably would have been a larger set.

Element Lord-sand
The Element Lord of Sand
This was probably the hardest one to make because I wanted to try to make a distinct aesthetic from rock but also make it cohesive. I think I’m satisfied with the results, though.

Element Lord-ice
The Element Lord of Ice

Element Lord-earth
The Element Lord of Earth
I thought this would be the hardest one to do because it’s so similar to rock and sand, but since we have no clue what she could look like, this ended up giving me much more freedom. I decided to go for something not as flashy as the others, since she’s the least aggressive of the Element Lords.

Btw, if anyone want’s to use this as inspiration for set-like mocs of the Elemental Lords, go right ahead. Just remember to give me credit.


I do like these, although we do have some inkling of what a few of the Lords looked like:

That being said, I think you did a decent job with these ones, and I haven’t seen that armor creator before!



Right, but I thought this would make them much easier to imagine as sets.

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