Elemental gods and the First Toa Origins [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

How about calling the “Elemental gods”, “The Nuva”. Currently, “canon” states that they were created by the brothers. What if the Nuva were enslaved? In g2 each Toa is supposedly from a different planet, as seen in their prophesy.

For g3, we could say the Nuva were the literal life forces of these planets. The Brothers capture them all and contained them in the Nuva Cube, which they used to channel their power. The Nuva are to powerful together however and the cube starts to crack, forming what we know as the Six Nuva Symbols.

Through the cracks/symbols the Nuva are able to reach out and transform six Matoran into the first Toa. The Toa imprison Karizani, destroy Makuta’s form, but are unable to find Ekimu. After dealing with the Brothers, the dying Toa shatter the Nuva Cube into six fragments, releasing the Nuva. The Nuva, in return for the Toa’s sacrifices, decide to remain as the Matorans’ guardians. They asked the Toa to bring each fragment to different parts of the island where the 6 villages were formed. Through the Nuva Symbols, the Nuva now channel their powers to the villagers and bestow the mantle of Toa when they are needed.


I really like the premise. And I think your idea might be compatible with mine, in some aspects, right here.

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This is really well done. I like how G1 and G2 get merged for this concept. It also does a great job of giving the gods a reason for being so kind to the matoran. It also shows how the brothers used the Nuva to create the island. I have nothing to add.

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A nice idea, adding a lot to the whole mysterious vibe.

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Recently I came up with a title for the brothers, but I couldn’t think of one for the gods. I really like Nuva as the term for them.

They seem to have scrapped the physical symbol for their pitch, but I see this as a good reason to keep it.

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That raises the question on the whole “life-force” aspect of each of the worlds.

  • Are there more Nuva the Brothers didn’t discover?

  • What were the planets like prior to the Nuva being captured? Was there actual life on these planets that was snuffed out?

  • Is there a Nuva for the planet the Brickonicle takes place on? Or is this Nuva dead, hence the capture of the other Nuva to replace it (if so, the dead/dying Nuva could be Mata Nui)?

  • Maybe or they may have been the last of their kind.
  • They were enriched with one of the elemental powers of the Nuva. As they were the life force of these planets, yes, all other life living on the planets was snuffed out upon their extraction.
  • I was thinking they could just be the last of there kind but I really like your idea. Mata Nui, Nuva of Lightning perhaps?
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I was thinking Mata Nui could be the Great Nuva that brings the other Nuva into being, so maybe the Nuva of Life. If Mata Nui dies, the Nuva would die as well.

This way, the six Nuva currently introduced could act as a life support for the comatose Great Nuva, and the later additions of the Brickonicle could be about bringing him back from the brink of death.

Just thought of something: what if Mata Nui is the Three Brother’s Father?

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If the Nuva lives were bound to Mata Nui, I would imagine him/it as the star of their solar system rather than a planet.

I like this idea but it may be getting to close to g1.

I could see this, kind of like how Kronos is the father of the the Greek gods.

I could see that too, but maybe just the Great Spirit inhabiting the star.

I think if the TTV are going with the Rahkshi as enemies, they probably wouldn’t have a problem with a dying Spirit.

I actually have an in-depth backstory that I can post later. I’ll add the link to this comment once I’ve done it.

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Sounds good, I look forward to it.

That’s actually the same thought that I used when making a title for the brothers XD.

They are officially called Great Beings, but the Matoran could refer to them as Titans. This fits with TTV’s current canon that the brothers made the gods, as well as references that Makuta was a titan set in G1.

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That actually makes sense in terms of their size as well, very clever.

Backstory posted in previous comment.

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