Elemental Guardian Of Light-Luna

Ok before I start this, yes I know what Luna means, and yes it may be a bit odd, but it was a name what my friend who help me with Gaia character. Sooooo blame her
Now someone did point out, that the add of metal blue colour do’s help the name a bit. Like saying the metal blue could be the reflecting of the sun

I went with a custom head, because I couldn’t find a better head

I had a idea to use the white miru, as a chest piece, it may look a bit low

Now as for a elemental weapon

It’s a bow

Closer look

The arrow is made out of light, so when firer it will stay state

Will that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


Like the general build, but not the miru boob. Find a different mask.

Lovely! It’s always great to see that metallic blue on things, and it works really nicely here. The bow and light arrows are a great touch, and I really like the look of those sleek upper arms, too.

As critique though, not too fond of the front of the lower torso. I’d be really tempted to add some white tiles and things on her to really smooth out the look of her - especially on the front of the lower torso, in the gaps of the metru feet on her shins and possibly to cover up the exposed + holes on the sides of her thighs?


Very nice!

That is a great use of the light saber piece!

That’s a pretty nice integration of that kanohi Miru. The rare color usage is also very nice, plus I’m a big fan of metal blue. Also, nice custom-ness

A great moc indeed.

As for the Miru… You should use a kakama…or a pakari…or a hau…or…a kaukau…or even an akaku.

I feel like those would look a lot better too. Rest of it is a pretty cool design, though.

I honestly don’t see the problem with the Miru.
Overall, this looks great! I love the part usage and the build is really solid.
Only complaint is the side of the legs, they could definitely use some armor.

The miru is certainly unorthodox, but it works.

You know what, I use your idea and the Hau look so much better, I will upload a update pic soon to see how it look

Firstly, love the bow, secondly nice to see the somewhat metallic blue from the super droid set (Assuming that is the only set that ever used it since it’s the only one I’m aware of, but could very well be others)

Time for my thoughts!

Firstly, I like the choice in doing a custom head rather than a mask…it gives Luna a different feel than the others, almost as if she’s more…ancient. I, too, like the use of the metallic blue, but one suggestion I might make is to limit the places where there’s visible black (i.e. the hands). I don’t think they really work for a Light-themed character.

The bow is phenomenal, and the use of the lightsaber piece as an arrow is very ingenious. I don’t really mind the shape of the Miru, but I’m interested in seeing how the Hau (lol) looks.

Can’t wait to see who’s next!