Elemental Spirit animal, Crystal Ice Snake

Name: Crystal
Occupation: Ice Elemental Spirit animal
Element: Ice
Team: Toa Guardians.
Weapons: teeth, crushing body strength
Mask: none
Weapons: her basic simple defense mechanisms.
Element: it can control the Ice and strengthen it beyond comprehension. with this power she can create anything from a sword of ice To an entire region with just a thought.
Bio: The eight Elemental spirit beasts. Said to be legends of their own. Not much is know except that they have to power to control and amplify the elements of Fire, water, ice, stone, air, earth, light and darkness. there is said to be a ninth element but many believe the elemental spirit of Metal to be just as imaginative as the Metal element was. This snake is the elemental Spirit of ice. while it may look weak this snake is no laughing mater. on paper people have believed it to be no bigger then a normal garden snake many images of this legendary creature have given the idea that it is over 160 in length as well as 560 pounds or pure muscle. Although most believe it to be a part of the icy region this snake makes its home in underground caverns, making it difficult to find.being one of the few of three Animals to escape The New Threats attacks and captures it is crafty and possibly one of the smallest of the spirit animals.

…so…yeah this is one of my weakest mocs ever…I may as well let you guys say whatever want not gona bother me none…


So… like what Metus turned into. Just in its natural state.


yeah and ten times as big…

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Can I eat it?

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It’s literally Solek the snake with a rahkshi head.


O.o; um…if you want an alser in your stomach go ahead…

HECK NO! that thing is hella complicated!

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Eh. Not bad, but really simple.

meh…thats all I could do to make it a snake…

Can someone please explain to me why and how this thing is listed as a female moc.

…its a girl…

I only ask because through the description, you list it as an it.w

It’s like if Mata Nui transformed Solek into a snake.

yeah I kepts screwing up with her^^; unfortunetly I was speaking about her as if she were in a book…

-_-; that joke is getting real old…

Basically Rahkshi-head Metus. :stuck_out_tongue:

again…getting real old…nad if I may…isn’t metus a LOT more complex? I have not ever seen him with solek limbs…

I’ll say it’s a bit basic and a meh moc

I fear for those avtoran limbs.

XD Why?

Because… '08 plastic.

…ok fair enough…