Elementless beings

Hey Greg,

For any beings without elemental powers — whether they wear Kanohi or not —what type of energy do they run on if not elemental?


Elemental Energy only allows being to control one or more Elements; Toa and other similar beings don’t survive off of it. After all, the Toa Metru ran out of Elemental Energy during the 2004 story, and they didn’t die; they only couldn’t use their Elemental powers.


Okay, but for beings without innate elemental powers, what do they use to fight?


In one of the early 2006 stories, Brutaka used his “life-force” to create a lightning blast. Axonn, in another story, (or was it the same on?) was able to use sheer willpower to ignore the insane damage being dealt by the antidermis-powered Brutaka.


All solid solutions, I can’t pick whose to mark as a solution.


The answer is not immediately obvious but I hope to change that gradually.
The answer you are seeking is physical energy.
There are also alternate descriptors such as personal energy or internal energy, but physical energy is the one I tend to use to refer to it. Most people do not know about it because references to it are scattered throughout many many sources, and one has to take in a lot of the materials and story to have a chance to realize its existence. I explain it in this topic if you are interested: Many flavors of energy in the Matoran Universe
But I will probably make a more in depth analysis on just this energy type one day with concrete references.