Elementrial is very basic to what he is supposed to be, a being of elements. He consists the elements of Water, fire, Air, stone, and ice. Now, I bet your asking "WHERES EARTH"?!?!? Well let me explain... Glacia is one of Elementrial's 6 guardians, the guardian of earth was killed in combat and death has effect on Elementrial. You see if a guardian is taken out, elementrial loses that element forever and becomes weaker, so I hope that explains Glacias existence. Back to other things, Elementrial is my tallest moc standing. Lets say here on out, This guy has to out mach shakaron at most things in order to withstand him from attacking him in the story.

The build has its gaps but some makes sense and some don't, when I started on the moc I first started with the right arm. Then as I went to the left I made that fire am with the claw since most and I saying MOST red characters are aggressive I thought that the claw would help with that specific thing. After the body I went to the legs, the legs themselves are both very similar in build from top to bottom. Once after everything was complete I went ahead to making the head. If you couldn't see it The fire piece is a beard, the Baraki eyes are the eyes, and the top of the head is either hair or a hat. All in all I'm more open for advice with this moc if you guys have any criticism or suggestions for him.


Pretty good build. Usually I would complain about the colour scheme, but somehow, it fits. also, I really like the concept and story. 9/10. very, very nice.

Very cool concept. Without the concept, I would say a 'meh' MOC (Mostly because of the odd colour scheme) but with the concept it becomes very very cool

My only issue is the head. But that is just opinion. It's a bit weird and falls out of the MOCs character

Nice! The head is great! I would suggest putting Earth as the lower torso, as that part of the story seems kinda shoehorned in. It's very creative! Well done!

Man this looks cool and I like the way the colors fit together also for some reason the head reminds me of an ent from the lord of the rings

My first reactions...wow...impressive build.

Although it might look a little odd, I seriously think this works. I'm liking it! Great job!