Elite warrior Karn

This is Karn a moc I made a while ago. He is from the metal kingdom and is an elite warrior. He has fought through many wars to earn his title and has a younger sister. He was dismantled a long time ago.


This should be in the creative content section… but not a bad moc

This is my first time posting so thanks for the tip

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Karn… Kharn?!

The moc is okay. The head looks a bit weird and has a bit too long of a neck, and the torso is too long compared to the length of the arms and legs. Also, there’s a bit of clashing textures everywhere where the unity armor is used, especially in the legs.


I like the upper torso, but I feel you should make the legs longer and get the head lower.

@nexus53711 I made him a while a while back so I can’t really change much unless I build him again

@Arsenic I’m not great with proportions, the white in the hips didn’t need to be there but I don’t have many parts in different colours. I usually go with normal masks and sometimes try to make custom ones but the bodies ruin it if the head

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