Elite Zealot Mattel Figure (Customized)

So I painted up most of my figure from the line so far, one being the zealot. So here's what that looks like. Basically I added every bring that's not red or yellow. So all the black, gunmetal, silver, and silver toned bits are painted on.

This ones not as dramatic of a change as the campaign Spartans I've done or am working on(due to those have a black wash and this guy not having one), but helps the figure none the less. I think the face benifits the most with the black and gunmetal on the helmet piece.


Regardless of how I feel about the new Elite design you did do a good job.


The differences are subtle, yet amazing...

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Its really nice

Subtle little paint additions, but they all look good. :smile:

Looks pretty great! I await your Spartans!

Looks pretty good, would you do a blue version of this?

Maybe if it was commissioned, also depends on the blue. I do have a good blue I could use, so it's possible.