Eljay review The Shadowed One (and the other canon combo models)

I know they are not official sets, but I believe it’s worth for Eljay to review at least The Shadowed One. And, if possible, some of the other combo models, such as Botar.

Will Eljay review them?

I think I remember a time when he said that he will review ALL of the combo models.

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Follow up question:



I see it as a chance for fans to learn about them. Not a lot of people build combiners, so insightful reviews would likely prove to be entertaining. But if you don’t, that’s fine.


Bacause they are cool and play an important part in the story (expecially the Shadowed One). You could review them in the same way you did the Sand Tarakava review.

I actually agree a lot with @Hautaka and @LegoDavid here. 70% of what I know about Bionicle today has actually come from your reviews (thanks a ton, by the way), and I would love to learn about these other guys that I’d rather someone tell me about than to simply read about them.


Because we want more Eljay reviews! :3


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Because we love you.

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Alright, fair enough.

…I guess I’ve got something I need to consider. :wink:


I’m 100% sure you will, you reviewed system, you reviewed good guy/bad guy yet you said you wouldn’t