Eljay vs. Applego

This is a long one.

Eljay rises from his bed one early morning in 2015. He looks at his calendar and gasps

"Mata Nui! Today is the day Bionicle comes back!" He remembers back to September 2014 when Lego officially announced Bionicle return following a series of more leaked images that show actual prototype sets.

He gets on Skype and calls Meso and the others. An irritated, tired Meso who had just woken up answers him.

"What? What is it Eljay?" He grumbles.

"Meso, today's the day! It's January 10th!" Eljay yells.

This Jolts Meso awake. "Holy Crap! The day Bionicle comes back!"

"Yeah, so I was thinking-" Eljay os cut off by Invictus joining.

"Hey guys, what's this about?" He asks

"It's the day Bionicle comes back so I was thinking that I could-" He gets cut off again when Viper joins.

"Yeah guys?" She asks.

Eljay sighs. "I want to make a vid-" He gets cut off for the third time when Var joined.

"What's up guys?" He greets.

Eljay, shaking, speaks up. "Because Bionicle returns today, I was-" It's Ven now.

"Hey-" He begins.


"What did I do?" Ven asks.

"Nothing Ven." Meso says.

"So, as I was saying, I want to make a video about Bionicles return. I will go to my local Lego store and buy some sets, while making a video." He mutters, angrily.

"Sounds good." Meso agrees. Everyone else says something in a confirmitory tone.

Eljay leaves the call and goes to his local Lego store with a camera. As he walks up, he starts recording.

"Hey guys, this is Eljay, here with a special TTV coverage of the Bionicle release." He commentates about things a he enters the store. He enters ands notices a large banner with the Bioncole logo on it. He walks over and sees that not only are there a whole bunch of sets, there are mask dispensers like in Vens Dream. He mentions this and grabs a few sets, when he notices that the original 2001 Toa are here with a limited editor return branding. He grabs Lewa for the sake of coverage and checks out, turning off the camera has he does so.

As he walks home, he hears footsteps. He turns and sees a giant Mata Nui robot with the apple logo on the front of it.

"Mata Nui... ITS APPLEGO!" As he flees, he trips and as the robot is about to step on him, Omega Tahu comes in and holds the foot up. He tells Eljay to get up and climb into the robot.

Eljay climbs onto Omega Tahu's back and enters a small hatch. He makes it inside.

"Huh. I would've thought it'd be bigger in here." He climbs his way to the head. Inside, he finds that Siri had built a robot body and taken over Apple and Lego. Siri runs at him, it he uses his Miru to levitate over her and drops down on her. As he does, he lands on her processor, killing her, and destroying Applego. They are now free companies again, and Good Friends at that.


Irony Time: This was written on an iPad.


The great AppLego has finally been destroyed!

Long Live Omega Tahu! Oh, and Eljay too...But mostly Omega Tahu!

Seems legit XD
Now make part two!

Well, that was a very simple ending.

The conversing seems pretty realistic and I can imagine all the proper tones everyone would have while talking, however, the biggest flaw is that Eljay doesn't say God, he says Mata Nui. For example, he says, "For the love of Mata Nui!"

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I'll edit it.

Not saying you should remove it, but the other flaw is that I'm in the story, because at that date I'm going to be on my hiatus from TTV. stuck_out_tongue

That kinda sucks, being separated from your friends when the thing the brought you together resurfaces.

Doesn't he say "For the love of beans!" as well? XD

@SammySpartan Well, it's definitely on the verge of TTV getting a lot larger but to already have been here from the time we had 0 subscribers on YouTube until now has already been a good ride. Plus they've known I've had to leave for years now so it was expected, Bionicle returning or not. Not much of a difference to me. stuck_out_tongue

@Oonie He does say beans a lot, yeah, the most I recall it in is when he says, "Well, beans."

Irony Time: This was written on an iPad.


(Collapses on ground laughing)

That's genius man, GENIUS!