Eljay's AMA

Which build would you say you like more:
Metru, Inika/Piraka, or CCBS?

Do you ever find this topic to be a chore to answer every question?

I personally think that Reach had the best art style of all the Halo games. Also, I ask about the monuments because I'm a tour guide on the USS Missouri and it'd be super cool if you came and visited and I was curious if you were also into history, like myself.

Anyway, do you ride public transit, and if so, what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on public transportation? Definitely not asking this because I'm riding the city bus home right now.

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Not at all, I love answering questions.

  1. Holy guacamole, that's awesome! I'd love to visit, so if I'm ever that far west, I'll let you know.
  2. I've never ridden on public transit, as far as I can recall. Unless shuttle buses count, and nothing ever happened on those.

Best job.


is there a PM option I don't know my way around the site and I have a question.

If you click on a persons avatar, a new "window" should open up. In the upper right corner you should see "MESSAGE." Hope that helps!


thank you.

"West" is one way to put it.

Anyway, here's another question:
I'm not a fan of TTV Top Tens, or Top Ten lists in general, but every now and then you guys will have a topic I'm vaguely interested in and I'll have nothing better to do. Recently, these circumstances were met when "Top Ten Good Stuffs About G2 That Were Good" was released (forgive me, I don't remember the title offhand). Number one was "good set design," and while I'd agree that the sets were the best part of G2, there was a point Meso brought up that made me scratch my head. He said that the art style changed, with 2015 having the more modern, sleeker look, and 2016 having the more hyper-detailed "classic" look (or something along those lines). This is true, but he listed it as an advantage, and I want to know your opinion on this. After all, I thought creating a distinct visual aesthetic that sets you apart right off the bat was incredibly important, and that G2 was sorely lacking on that front, with the 2015 sets blending in (at least in terms of visual style) with other constraction lines of the past and present.

Just food for thought, as I know you guys work together when you make those top tens, and I was wondering what your exclusive opinions on it were.

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West, East, in the Pacific. =P

The process we use with the Top 10s is somewhat layered. We individually select a topic that we want to do a Top 10 for, then make our list. Then, we all get together and hash out what goes on the list and the ordering of it. From that point on, we split back off and work on the script individually. So Meso's reasons are independent of any group discussion or thought process (at least, any that I was a part of. I've taken a step back from doing any Top 10s for a little while). I honestly hadn't even thought of the point he made, and I don't entirely agree with it either. I thought 2015 did well because it was consistent and cohesive in its aesthetic, something which I felt 2016 lacked because Lego tried to appease older fans of the series rather than sticking with their guns. I don't think it worked, and it's one of a few reasons I prefer 2015 to 2016.


It's all down to personal preference, then. Thanks for the insight, and for sharing your opinion. I'm personally of the belief that (at least aesthetically, not necessarily overall) the Uniters were better than the Masters, but I completely understand why people see the Masters as better.

What is your opinion of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer that came out 40 minutes ago?

Ever watch Grossology?

  1. So now that the Recaps are over, how does it feel to own every Bionicle set ever?
  2. So seeing as the Recaps are over, maybe you could do something like a mini series styled like the shorts you did for them.

I'm really excited for it, I really enjoyed the trailer.

Never heard of it.

  1. It feels great. I'm happy to have a full collection, and it looks awesome every time I look at them all in a row.
  2. Possibly, I won't cross that out as a possibility.

Have you seen the new Okoto Origins? What are your thoughts?

Do you mean in rows or a row? If it's one single row, then you must have one big house.

What is your favorite Covenant type, and why?

What is your favorite piece of music from MNOG/MNOG2, and do you wish that the distinctly techno-tribal style of music from those games was carried on into later media, or do you feel that it worked best for Mata Nui, but would have been out of place in later settings?

As a side note, have you heard the new BIONICLE music album with ten community-made songs designed to capture the 01-03 musical style, made by such members as ToaTom and Larnuu?

I have, and it was fantastic. I didn't know Kahi and Viper were there along with Meso. Excited for the next one.

You'll see.

Elites, because they're fun to fight against and I can get Energy Swords from them.

  1. The song that played during the fight between Lewa and Onua.
  2. I think that it worked where it was used. I'm not sure it would have worked for say, Voya Nui or Mahri Nui.
  3. I haven't heard any of them at this time.