Eljay's AMA

Either Antroz or Krika.

Old enough.

The others aren’t often active on the TTVMB, unfortunately… and I forgot most of the Dangan stuff as we recorded the games months ago. =P

Alright, fair enough. At least this was answered.

Lemme pester them about your question right now, while it’s on my mind. We’re about to convene in a moment and I may be able to corral one of 'em.

That would make my day.

What are your full thoughts on Hidden Side and it’s app game? (If you have played it).

Are you particularly fond of any old LEGO flash games (besides Bionicle ones)?

Your opinions about what was revealed for Phase 4 and 5?

Is this AMA still active?

MCC on PC has been pretty good so far (despite some bugs and awkward UI issues, as well as the lack of Forge and Theater). Would TTV be down for a Reach game night in the future?

Also, best Elite armor?


There’s a way to get Forge early, HaloFollower has a video on it, however I believe there’s some features missing and it only works with a gamepad, so no mouse and keyboard config yet.

what is the name of the cat from Garfield

So, what are your opinions on the recent rumors (and by rumors I mean Bionicle G2 level rumors) about the potential resurrection of the Digimon Card game?

When are you going to play MeNOG with meso and where did you find your giant miru

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How Is your own channel affected by Coppa?, will it have any effect on the Eljay Johnsen show?

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I enjoy the app and want to talk about it more in a video.

The Knights Kingdom II games were loads of fun.

Very, very possible. But it’d be a while in the future.
And whichever one Arbiter wore in Arby ‘n’ the Chief.


No thoughts at all.

We still plan on it, but we’re both super busy with some other projects. Mine are fairly obvious, his aren’t.

It hasn’t really been all too affected. And nah, it won’t.


Will we ever see Little Johnny again?

Why exactly did you ban Vladin?

More than likely soon than I’d like.

It’s listed on his page. He was also sent a PM.

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I personally haven’t seen such things in a long while. And he said he did not get any warning before the ban.

Which particular topic do you recall he acted like that on?

Ask him what he posted in response to a topic about Steven Universe figures. See if that jogs his memory. He has been on his final warning for a while and clearly he did not heed it and decided poorly to make a post that resulted in his ban. If you have any other questions, you can send me a message.

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