Eljay's AMA

Great, now you wanna take a bite out of it? You’re not making this banana thing easy on me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Eljay I’m thinking about buying one of the 03 titans. Which do you recommend? Thanks.

I’d say either Takua and Pewku or Makuta. Pretty good classics.


Do you make mocs yourself?
If so, how long do you usually take to make one? (Excluding tablescraps)

Then your favorite Bionicle music?

I don’t know if this was already asked or answered, but what exactly has happened to Pins and Axles? I’m pretty sure last episode was in February.

He’s reworking it, it;s not cancelled but it is on a short hiatus.

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The pins and axles were eaten.


Don’t eat the pieces!
wags finger pointedly

  1. I’ve only ever really been able to MOC on my own. No other family interest and outside of TTV, no friends super into it either.
  2. It usually doesn’t take me long. Maybe a few hours at most.

That one song from the Mask of Light soundtrack with the piano.

This was asked and answered here.

As many of you may be aware, I did actually MOC fairly recently and entered it into BZPower’s contest. If you have an account, I’d appreciate any support. Many thanks.


Oh, ok. Thanks.

@Eljay Do you believe in uniformitarianism?

Will you friend me in Overwatch? I’ll give you cookies

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Of the Ninjago movie sets based on the pictures we’ve seen, which is your favorite?


Don’t know if this has been asked, but is there any possibility of you reviewing other sets? Like Ben 10, hero factory, or Star Wars Constraction?

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What is your opinion about other Constraction Sets than Bionicle?

@Eljay, how many sets have you destroyed intentionally (or accidentally via skit), and why? This is one thing that has puzzled me for a long while, so some light would be nice.

@Eljay do you and the others in the TTV cast know each other’s real names? If so, do you guys call each other by your real names offline? I’ve been curious about this for a little while, so I figured I’d ask. Thanks.

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Why @Eljay? Why did you burn Good Guy?


I ain’t touching that with a ten foot pole.

I’m fine with adding anyone to my contacts list on Battle.net, however that does not mean there is any guarantee I’ll play Overwatch with anyone. =P

Ninjago City, hands down.

As it stands, I have no interest or desire to review any of those. Maybe per a stretch goal on Patreon, but right now, I won’t be. And if anyone were to review Hero Factory, it’d be Meso.

I think they’re neat. I have a soft spot for BIONICLE, of course, and in many respects I think it’s the best Constraction theme. However, Hero Factory had some cool sets, and a few of the Star Wars Ultra Builds are great.

The only sets I ever damaged or destroyed on purpose were Solek and Good Guy. All the others such as Nuparu, Ackar, the Visorak, etc were all fine and I used camera tricks to make them appear as though they were damaged. I did break a Matau once when I was younger, though. Otherwise, I’ve tried to be very careful.

All of the hosts know each others names. However, outside of recording (and in person during events such as Brickfair) we always call each other by our usernames, since that is what we know each other best as.

For fun, and because he had it coming.