Eljay's AMA

Is there a chance of you reviewing any more sets in the future? Maybe shape way stuff?

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Is there any chance you could review any of the combiner models now you’ve run out of official sets? At least the big story significant ones like the Toa Kiata.


There isn’t really anything else I’m super interested in reviewing, shapeways or otherwise. If LEGO brings BIONICLE back again as a system theme, then I’ll cover the system playsets from 2005 to 2007.

Yes, actually. However, as of right now that is a stretch goal on Patreon. Once that goal is reached, then I will go ahead and review any combo/alternate model.


What do you think about fidget cubes? y’know, the actually worth something devices that was on kickstarter 'n all?

Wait, really? Awesome!

Here’s another question. Well two really.

What is your favorite rahi set wise,
Ando what is your favorite rahi story wise?

If the ■■■■■ store stretch goal was ever met on Patreon would you guys be open to the idea of something like a simple blue ■■■■■ with your logo on it and maybe TTV below that? I’ve always wanted to be a walking billboard for the channel


No opinion. Didn’t even know they existed.

  1. I’d have to say either Tarakava or Nui Rama.
  2. Metru Mantis.

Absolutely. Heck, I want one like that!


Something in G3 that if you got the last saying would you change/ make sure happned?

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What was your first and favorite video game console(PC doesn’t count) and first game you remember playing?

What TV shows/Anime are you watching right now?

What is your opinion about Gravity Falls, @Eljay ?


Do you personally think BIONICLE G2 should have happened?

I don’t mean this in the context of what G2 ended up being necessarily, but I mean more along the lines of “do you think the idea of a reboot for a series like BIONICLE is one that is practical for LEGO or beneficial to the BIONICLE community?”

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Welp, here’s another Eljay/Meso comic. Lemme know what you think.


Short legs for Matoran.

  1. The Wii. If handhelds count, Gameboy Advanced.
  2. I think… Caterpillar.

I’ve been keeping up with My Hero Academia on a weekly basis. Meso and I are also struggling to find time to continue slugging through One Piece.

No opinion, haven’t seen it.

Yes. I think it was a shot in the arm for the community, and for a lot of people gave them some interesting perspective between what we got and what we had.

Nice! Although, we aren’t that mean. ;(


Have you watched Spider-Man: Homecoming? If so, what did you think of it?


I need to start on that…

I also need to do that

Why am I so behind…

I started One Piece… I couldn’t get into it…

How’s Hero Academia? I’m thinking about starting it, so would you suggest it?

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It takes a little bit to get into, but I can assure you that after that the investment is worth it. It pays off in a big way. I highly recommend One Piece.

Also a really great series. A lot of fun, and incredible action. The manga is great and the anime is brilliant.


Favorite part of Brickonicle?

Best concept art piece in the Bionicle 2015-16 Makuta Contest #2 prize book?