Eljay's AMA

Can you swim?


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I don't really have one.

I think that large battle diorama was really cool. And I like all the Lewa concepts.

Nope. I do not know how to swim. I'm slightly afraid of being in large bodies of water (ranging from a pool to the ocean) and will actively avoid them.


What is your opinion on turtles ( not the Mutants)


Can't swim and afraid of large bodies of water?

No wonder you love Lewa so much.


@Eljay You said you have a snake. How many years can a snake live?

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I think turtles are cool.

It varies from species to species.


What kind of snake do you have?

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I had a corn snake.


And how many years life a corn snake?

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Man, you were right.

Everything's made of corn!


Eljay, I'm grateful for the help you gave the fan wiki, but upon checking two of your trivia bits, I find them inaccurate. It's possible that I simply am miss-hearing the episode numbers when I listen to The TTV Podcast - 256. Varderan did not host TTV 119, and there was not a year break between TTV 100 and TTV 124. What are the correct episode numbers?

Search it.

Unless I'm misremembering, I didn't say 119. He hosted 198.

And regarding the year break, I realized this shortly after the episode, but there were two episodes I was thinking of. Issue is, I can't recall which they were.

While we're on the subject of inaccuracies, TTV didn't start in 2011. It started in 2010.


Just checked the recording, and yeah, you did say 198. Thanks again for your contribution to this project.

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No problem, I think the wiki is a great project and I appreciate all the work you guys are putting in. I'll be assisting with editing during the first week of August, if that's cool with you guys.


Y'know, we appreciate your flexibility with the concept and the crowd-sourced execution as well. If I had a page on a wiki, I'd be obsessing over its content.

If you're alright with 'em, I've got a few questions to ask concerning TTV history and such. Don't worry if you can't get to all of them right away.

  • TTV started in mid-2010, right? When did iBZP initially begin?
  • How did the early members of iBZP get you interested in joining? How well did you know Meso and Var beforehand?
  • In this video, you, Jon, Meso, and Venom set up the casting call that led to Phweffie's arrival on the cast. In it, you guys refer to two female "cast" members; Alena and one other. Anira? Nira? Is she of any relevance to TTV history?
  • In Episode 137 of the podcast, you guys set up the TTE gag for April Fool's 2015 when Meso and Var "fired" you. Was that planned quite a ways in advance? Did anyone/many people take it seriously?
  • You guys had officially incorporated the channel as a legal business by early 2015, right? If you don't mind, is it "Pandemic Panda"? "The TTV Channel"? When exactly did this take place?

Thanks again, and have a great day.

  1. The TTV Podcast was first released May 5th, 2010. iBZP first released September 5th, 2009.
  2. It was basically just Meso asking "Hey, want to be on a podcast?" After that I was in. I knew Meso and Var somewhat well prior to joining, since we were often all moderators on the chat we all met on. Often clashed, pretty much always because of me. =P But I still knew them well enough to eventually become friends and co-hosts.
  3. Around that time, it would have been Alena and Nyra. And not really, no.
  4. I believe it had been planned about a month before hand, roughly. And oh yes, quite a few people did.
  5. The company name is Pandemic Panda. This took place before BIONICLE returned, so roughly 2014, although I can't recall exactly when.

I dont know if this was asked but will Greg show up to Makutafest?

He is not scheduled to make an appearance.


Is 40€ a good deal for unopened voporak?

Yes, I believe that is a pretty good deal.