Eljay's April Fools 2017 prank can be a real thing. (Not a Joke Topic)

First off, please don't hate on me for making this topic. I only want Brickonicle to last longer when Lego makes it a thing.

This is going to sound crazy, but I think that Eljay's Duplonicle prank could be a real thing. Let's face it, one of the reasons that G2 failed (in addition to minutes 1:11 to 1:16 of Reviving Bionicle 3 - Ep1: Playing God [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zix8JMsygis ] this is a really great series made by SuddenlyOranges that you should totaly check out) was due to the fact that the new generation of children that Bionicle was marketed to was not invested in the characters.

My Idea is this: when Lego makes Brickonicle a thing, they should also have a series of Duplonicle to get younger kids invested in Bionicle. There could be a lighter, less intense story arc for Duplonicle. Then, when the kids who grew up with Duplonicle get older, the will already be invested in Bionicle, and the line will sell better due to brand recognition.

Ok, please tell me what you think, and if this is a good idea, can someone ask any of the cast members about making this part of Brickonicle?


Someone already asked Eljay on his AMA, forget where.

But I do remember he said no.


We would have to change some things but yes I think this could work. If it didn't have commercials and was a in store exclusive thing.

Why aren't you ask them?

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Hm, it could maybe work, but the cost of production would be high. Also, would Duplo-aged kids really enjoy it? I know that when I was a young and strapping lad of 4 I was only interested in construction vehicles and trains.

This could also work as one of those mini micros theme as those i think are also targeted towards a younger demographic.

No, I think it was the fact that it was hardly marketed at all in the first place.

Also I'm not a fan of this idea and I think it would get rid of a lot of current fans interest in it.

Not going to lie, I honestly have no idea where to ask them at.

Anywhere, just send them a PM or summon any of them or in their AMAs

I previously tried to send private messages to @Jon and @IllustriousVar, but none of them replied to me.