Eljay's disclaimers

So, Eljay making an extremely long and winded disclaimer has become a habit in his videos.
To be honest, I think the videos would benefit from either making them shorter, having them all made uniform like Ven’s MOC reviews, or having them in text form at the beginning of his videos.
The disclaimers get real old real fast, and hamper the videos to varying degrees.


While I’ll likely do that at some point in the future, I’m gonna give it an entire season to hammer it in so people learn how I run these reviews, as opposed to folks claiming it’s all my opinion, when it isn’t. =P

Apologies it isn’t to your liking, and it may change in the future, but not for 2007.


I understand why you do it, but I think you should be able to share your own opinions without even needing to do a disclaimer. It is ELJAY’S recaps after all. That said, I understand your reasoning,


That’s fair, I know a lot of folks will ride on the reviewer as if their observations are opinions, so I understand the need.

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Oh yeah, that’s totally fair, don’t get me wrong. One day, I may do a short opinion series. But a large part of TTV content revolves around discussion. So, by “recapping” older points and opinions made regarding the sets, it generates new discussion based on old sets. Occasionally I add some of my own in-put, so I’m happy. =P

Thank you guys for watching regardless! I hope it’s enjoyable despite any errors or mishaps!


It’s a great series. Keep it up.


I just skip to the point when he’s done talking about it :P.

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maybe just include a small annotation to skip the disclaimer. It wouldn’t take much and would almost completely eliminate this as an “issue”

I realize. However, again:

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Cool. Hammer that disclaimer like it’s a railroad spike :smile:

…or maybe just Kahi’s face.


I will pay you with tea in Miru-shaped cups to do that! Steak’ll cost ya $0.25 per gram though.