Elrakai, Master Assassin

Hello! This is Elrakai.

Pretty sweet huh?

Size comparison with a minifig.

The all important running pose.

For the oddly shaped torso, I stacked three ccbs torsos together as shown above.

Most epic shot ever!

Battle with Voltrix.

A motorized skateboard? no way!
My ideas for this guy turned out pretty well. I pretty much wanted a "bad guy" to fight my "good guys"

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!


I like him in a strange way (I have a thing for unique mocs). But I think his title is a little unfitting for his build. He is more of a tank rather than a master assassin. I can't seem to picture him sneaking around with all that armour. However if he had like a big sword or a gun and was called Elrakai, Master Enforcer or something, that'd be cool. His colour scheme is almost perfect. I think if you were to remove either the blue or the red it would be fine, but the red and blue together looks fairly jarraing ):

It's using the ccbs system to a very basic level, but I still like it nonetheless

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I didn't pick the name. My fans on YouTube did.

Oh... So I guess there's no turning back now is there!! The youtube guys have spoken...

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I recommend re-taking the blurry photos.

Fun fact: never allow 4chan, reddit or youtube to name your stuff

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I'll remember that. By the way, I love creep g2. I first saw him on MOC Spotlight.

I liked the score, "13", which is basicaly my lucky number. But well, he has back armour and red is temporary. I need need 2 keetorange balljoints and 4 2x1 half-liftarm pieces :P.

yeah, thanks for loving Creep!