Eltan, the guardian

So, one day i wanted to build something… big. I was inspired a little bit by some of the mocs in Ven’s moc spotlight, I noticed that some of them are really big, So i set off on my quest to build a huge moc. I really don’t have a story, all i know is this guy looks like an ancient guardian, so i just called him Eltan the guardian.


I can’t really see much from the pics but I think it looks just a bit too greebly, with some armor overlapping in an awkward way, also not a fan of the white it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the moc.
Also the legs are way tol gappy, but I guess for a first try it looks decent.

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I will have to agree with @BlueCel there, it’s just a weird looking skeleton with some shells attached to it, Im sorry but this is kinda bad

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Yeah, but keep in mind it’s my first big build, I’m also kind of limited in my parts selection.

I guess it’s a noble goal, but don’t confuse a MOC being big with being good. Size doesn’t always equate to good building, and in fact it can be harder to make something look good the larger you go.

The MOC is a little cluttered and awkward. I like the color blocking, but the black mask breaks it. His feet are also really awkward, and I can imagine he can’t really stand too well by himself. I would redo the armoring most of the armoring as well, it looks really odd.

If that’s the case I would stick to making smaller things. Not only will you have more parts available before and after building, but you can use each part more effectively and make the MOC cleaner and simpler.

A small, simple, but nice looking build is always better than a large, cluttered MOC.

thanks for the criticism, but I will say that the feet are actually surprisingly stable. I think I might rework this character, but smaller.

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