Elvis Presley

Has Elvis entered the message boards?
Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
Elvis was a great musician, I’d recommend him to my friends (If I had any :cry:) I love a lot of his songs, I’d rather listen to him than what they play on the radio now-a-days, IMHO.
Does anybody have a favorite song? Personally I love (You’re The) Devil in Disguise.


I think my favorite is Blue Suede Shoes. Honorable mentions to Return To Sender and (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.

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I went to his house in Graceland and his Birth House back in 2009.


Want to see something funny and Elvis-related? Here you go!

The only Elvis song I can think of is “Blue Christmas”

It’s alright

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Elvis is one of the classic rock musicians I love, my favorite song of his is probably In the Ghetto followed by either Kentucky Rain or Hound Dog.

I have his Hawaii live album