Empire of Insects Fan Art (Requests Open)

Firstly, All of the artwork featured within this topic (with the exception of a couple) are based on the characters created by other players for Ghid’s RP Empire of Insects. Consequently, I will only take requests from players currently in Empire of Insects.

Young Emperor Yuburu (Created by @Ghid )

Shogunate Wei Mu (Created by @Ghid)

Goliath (Created by @MaxinePrimal)

Lillith (Created by @TheMOCingbird)

The Blood Queen (Created by @Mctoran)

Scalthus (Created By @Mctoran)

Elanor the Red and Felicia the Swift (Created by @Runa )

Leo of the Sharp Mind (Created by @Runa)

Vachy (Created by @Toa_Vladin)

Capry (Created by @Toa_Vladin )

Note: Original Sketch

Note: Sopter 2.0

Sopter (Created by @Holi )

Okiri (Created by @Bramsley )

Old One Eye (Created by @Bramsley )

Cheviot (Created by @HewksDKowlihad )

Evelyn (Created by @L.O.S.S-KAL )

Sheshes (Created by @L.O.S.S-KAL )


These look really cool! I love the designs! Kinda remind me of Hollow Knight


I know I did my own sketches but I would love to see Sheshes and Evelyn in your unique style (whenever you have time, feel free to do others before me)


Thanks man! To be honest the setting seemed pretty similar at first (which was part of the reason that drew me to it), though Ghid says that he drew zero inspiration which is pretty impressive.

@L.O.S.S-KAL Don’t worry I’ve nearly finished Evelyn and I’ll give Sheshes a go soon.


I really love your style! I’m a big fan of stylized, sketchy looks! Awesome!

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I think you got something wrong, I don’t recall sighning up for this RP.

Sorry about that, mistake on my part.

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No worries!

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