Empire of Insects (signups)

So before an industrial revolution. Thanks.

gets idea to make an insect Plague Doctor who wears a bird skull as a mask

Why tho you could explore so many avenues


@Ghid one more question, do you know when your moth character will show up? I have a character idea, but they kinda have to be a moth.

I finally have an idea for Anton that Might be able to be an exception to Ghid’s rules. Hopefully he’s acceptable.

Name: Anton

Species: Paraponera clavata(Bullet Ant)

Gender: Male

Anton seems by all means to just be a regular ant. And by all physical appearances you are right. But Anton’s skills are far greater than that of a standard ant, even for his species.
In his travels, Anton has learned and mastered several forms of Insect martial arts with which to defend himself, taught to him by the most famous and skilled of insect warriors. Among Anton’s most used Martial Art is the “Northern Praying Mantis”, taught to him by a renowned Kung Fu Mantis warrior.

Additionally, Anton also wields a highly durable razor-sharp Knightly Sword, nicknamed Antscalaber. It was forged by some the most talented insect artisans and blacksmiths. Anton knows several swordfighting styles, and his technique typically consists of a blend of multiple styles, with no specific style being used.

As far as natural abilities go, Anton has plenty of those as well. He can use his Antennae to smell, feel, and touch what is ahead of or behind him as he moves. He can also use the antennae to communicate with other ants. So even if Anton’s eyes were injured, we would not be fully blinded.

Anton can scale walls with his legs, and his grip is super strong.
His limbs and antennae can be fully regrown over a weeklong period if they were separated from his body, and a full recovery over the same amount of time can also be guaranteed to any internal injuries. Anton’s exoskeleton is dense anyways, so his natural armor would first have to be pierced for him to be injured.
And of course Anton’s greatest ability is his stinger. Bullet Ants hold the world record for the most painful insect sting, which feels akin to getting shot by a gun(which was how the species gained their name)
So, it it feels like a bullet wound to a human-sized creature, then you could only imagine what it would feel like on a creature only as large as Anton himself.

Anton looks like this:

Except Bipedal and with a sword sheathed behind his back. And the frame is thicker and more built.

Anton was supposed to have been a drone in his colony, but due to a supposed “Birth Defect” he had no wings. Being viewed as genetically flawed and unworthy of breeding, Anton was instead put to work as a worker ant, being the only male worker in his colony.
One day, while on a foraging expedition, Anton and his group were suddenly hit by a brutal and violent storm. Anton became separated from his group in the ensuing chaos, washed away by the rapid waters.
The next morning, Anton awoke in a soggy puddle of mud, to find that his nest and foraging group were nowhere to be scene, and Anton himself had no idea of where he even was.
Determined not to give up, Anton rose up from the mud and embarked on a search for his lost colony.
Anton searched and searched, for months on end, only stopping to eat or sleep.
In his travels, Anton quickly learned that he needed the proper tools and and skills with which to defend himself and others, or else he would never be able to survive put in the wild, vulnerable to all the dangers that lurked everywhere.
And so Anton picked up many skills, and eventually honed himself into a powerful warrior.
Along his path, Anton would solve any problems that he could within the lands through which he travelled. He vanquished the threats of whatever enemy threatened the land, and he would be praised as a hero by its people. But before they could welcome him into their hospitality, Anton would just as quickly vanish, continuing his travels.
Anton has gained the status of a legendary warrior, although most people believe him to be a myth and don’t realize who he truly is until after the fact when he has already left.

Anton has travelled and searched for about 6 years by now. And still he has found no sign of the colony he was separated from. They could be dead for all he knows, but nonetheless he’s still not giving up.

The path of his search has now led him to the land of Grales. Coming here, Anton has no idea of the strife that is brewing within…

Hoo boy.[quote=“TBT_Emerald, post:63, topic:49830”]
Then one day, he and his best friend got on the wrong side of a weapons merchant bark beetle.

Do you have any kind of info to back up them being able to exist out of water?[quote=“TBT_Emerald, post:63, topic:49830”]
The incredible force of that punch tore through both the friend and the merchant.

Yeah, I’m really gonna need extra proof to allow this.[quote=“TBT_Emerald, post:80, topic:49830”]
Also, is magic going to be a thing in this world?

Uh… That’s something I never considered. It’s possible, but I have yet to actually dwell on any kind of functional system.

Site-based RPs and DnD RPs are entirely separate things that have nearly nothing in common so we’ll see.[quote=“Mctoran, post:87, topic:49830”]
gets idea to make an insect Plague Doctor

:weary::gun:[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:90, topic:49830”]
do you know when your moth character will show up? I have a character idea, but they kinda have to be a moth.

Go ahead and write up a character template since you have the idea. I don’t know when the Moths will arrive, but if it’s a good template I will be inclined to having them shoehorned in immediately.[quote=“Mctoran, post:91, topic:49830”]
And of course Anton’s greatest ability is his stinger. Bullet Ants hold the world record for the most painful insect sting, which feels akin to getting shot by a gun

Yeah, it’d kill them from pure pain.

So you’ve now got a tiny, incredibly weak ant who knows martial arts with a one-hit kill if it manages to land. I’m going to need more convincing.[quote=“Mctoran, post:91, topic:49830”]
Anton has gained the status of a legendary warrior, although most people believe him to be a myth and don’t realize who he truly is until after the fact when he has already left.

Dude they say he can sting you so hard you die from the agony! man what a hero

You can see why this is a little weak.

RP topic’s going up in a little bit.

Mantis shrimps can Puch with the force of a .22 caliber rifle at a speed of 23 meters per second, and this is in water with a lot more resistance. Though I can’t say anything on them out of water

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Nono, I mean extra proof that this creature can even live out of water and that this isn’t going to turn into a killbot character.

Well I could either
A: tweak the stinger so it isn’t too unbalanced. I could make it harder for the stinger to land a hit, or maybe it would have to take a certain amount of time for the venom to fully pump into a victim. Or maybe I could modify the stinger so the venom isn’t too deadly, and other insects would only feel how humans feel when they’re stung by a bullet ant.

B: I could rework Anton and turn him into a different ant species that’s more balanced.

What would you personally suggest?

My apologies, yeah I’m not sure about out of water, which is honestly why I didn’t end up going with one

That the rules stating no ants allowed get followed.[quote=“Holi, post:96, topic:49830”]
which is honestly why I didn’t end up going with one

You had a more interesting choice anyways.


…between the two options I gave?

I’m sure I could find some sort of circumstance or ant species that would fit within your criteria for a character.

y tho? like, there are tons of insects, why does it need to be an ant?


Can I ask why you are so adamant on being an ant?

I mean y’all ever heard of the sabre wasp?

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So I assume he doesn’t walk bipedal, climb walls, eat other insects like every other character apparently[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:26, topic:49830”]
super strength
[/quote]What does this mean? where is the definition, and what it is scaled to?[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:26, topic:49830”]
Steve is Harvey’s most loyal minion

I see what you did there[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:26, topic:49830”]
his only weakness is a fly swatter

You’re hilarious you know that
Also I’m taking this as a literal statement that he is utterly invincible to everything except a crushing mechanism because I said I’d be doing that[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:26, topic:49830”]
they call him The Lord Of The Flies
A bit on the nose there ain’t it

This is a nice little haggle of ants ya got there, but this seems like a small party of fightbots which are probably going to end up breaking some rules in their misadventures. I’d like the characters here to have character.

Also yeah, if I miss a profile (which I’ve already done like four times) Just ping me and ask for a review. I’m real good at missing these apparently.


If you want my real answer, I’ll tell you.

  1. Because Ants are among the most common and identifiable bugs, and my personal favorite.

  2. When I was a younger lad, I used to have this imaginary play world revolving around insects and bugs. In fact both The Blood Queen and Scalthus were based on characters in this universe. And Anton was the “main character”. The original version of Anton that I signed up was the actual character and story from my universe. I already have the most ideas for him too, so I thought he would be the easiest character to write.

Plus, I just like the concept of Anton’s character: a weak puny ant, who rose above odds and became a warrior that larger bugs would fear and respect.

Have you considered substituting him for a different pathetic insect?


Well it doesn’t quite feel the same when he is put into a non-hive species. The concept of Anton is a character who breaks the mold. Because ants, bees and wasps are all part of a machine, a system in which they are all given one specific purpose and that is supposed to be how they think and act for the rest of their lives.
Anton is a character who breaks free from that system and becomes a free-thinking individual.


A small cowardly race that hides and trembles meekly in the shadows

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