Empowered Mode [Artwork] [Pitch]

Inika: a premature unlocking of the Nuva state in which a Toa’s overwhelming emotional state forcibly removes all inhibitors, unleashing unstable amounts of elemental power. Signified by the cracking of a Toa’s armor and Kanohi mask. Excessive use can lead to death.

Nuva: a state of being in which a Toa’s inhibitions are removed. Obtained once a Toa has surpassed their predecessor, and allows a Toa’s full potential to be explored. Signified with glowing Nuva symbols on Toa.

Nova @Sanokal: the Nuva state enhanced by overwhelming emotion. Signified with glowing Nuva symbols on Toa; as well as a constant emission and generation of one’s natural element.

Tahu Nuva by @ZceeNook

Tahu Nova (Nuva/Inika) by @Sanokal

Gali Nova (Nuva/Inika) by @Sanokal

Lewa Nova (Nuva/Inika) @Sanokal

Onua Inika

Rule 1 in Brickonicle: Never anger Onua.

Onua Nova (Nuva/Inika) @Sanokal

Pohatu Nova (Nuva/Inika) @Sanokal

Kopaka Nova (Nuva/Inika) by @Sanokal

Voriki Nova (Nuva/Inika) by @Sanokal

If anyone can draw a remastered version of this picture, I highly encourage it.

Inspirations for artwork on Onua

Click the image below for original post. I did not create this depiction of Vorahk.


Sooo, basically True Potential from Ninjago.


I don’t follow Ninjago, but probably.

So Nuva is like a evolution?

Yeah, in Ninjago; Rise of The Snakes, the Ninja can unlock their full potential by overcoming anything holding them back (I.E family issues, angst, etc.). Essentially, they do exactly what you suggested, it’s still a really cool idea and I support it. Here’s a link to True Potential on the Ninjago Wiki: True Potential | Ninjago Wiki | Fandom

Depending on what stage it is obtained.

If a Toa obtains the Inika Mode, it’s more similar to doping.

If a Toa obtains the Nuva throughout hard work and perseverance, it becomes their permanent state of being. Using the Nuva Mode, a Toa will be able to access every aspect of their Kanohi power and element. Some elements will overlap with other elements.

Examples (not full extent, but basic idea of Nuva Mode):
Tahu Nuva will be able to manipulate not only fire and heat, but will gain access to manipulating plasma (basically what makes up the Sun) and being completely immune to all forms of heat.

Gali Nuva will be able to manipulate not only water, but will gain access to manipulating all forms of liquid, limited control over ice, greater pressure resistance to venture deeper into the ocean, and faster swimming.

Lewa Nuva will be able to manipulate not only air and wind currents, but will gain access to manipulating all forms of gases (including toxic gas) and will be able to levitate and fly without the use of a Kanohi mask.

Onua Nuva will be able to manipulate not only plantlife and soft soil, but will gain access to manipulating hardened soil (closer to his original element), some forms of metal (mainly iron), and will be able to utilize his power over plantlife to heal injuries to others and himself.

Pohatu Nuva will be able to not only manipulate sand and stone, but will gain access to mineral manipulation (all metal, so basically doubling as the Toa of Iron).

Kopaka Nuva will be able to manipulate not only ice and the cold, but will gain access to lowering the temperature of any substance (including air) to absolute zero, creating space-like conditions, and being completely immune to all forms of cold.

The Nuva Mode can be shut on and off at any point in time to properly control and limit a Toa, and every example listed above is a taste of what is in store for them.

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Avatar state? May I see you once more?

Looks nice.

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This is very cool! If this would be cannon, in the story, maybe 5 Toa will became Nuva, and the other one will be jealous and will became a corrupted Nuva. And the others will help him.
Or maybe the other will met another Toa who is a corrupted Nuva (and here we will have a connection to another Toa). The mutated Toa will try to manipulate the other Toa to became bad, and the others will defeat him!

This ain’t digimon with that plot point.

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In alot of the digimon series they had a certain plot point. One of the main protags’s digimon would get corrupted or they would meet a corrupted digimon.

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With regards to the morality aspect, I’ve made a post titled “Mask of Fusion” that would better deal with that. Mask of Fusion [Pitch]

I have an idea with the Kaita and the Nuva Mode, relating to the Mask of Fusion (somewhat). If three Toa fuse into a Kaita (two Toa Nuva and one Toa), the Kaita will be an Inika Kaita due to the three Toa not lining up within the Nuva. This could potentially kill the Kaita and all three Toa within it.

Kinda like that, but instead of the Toa simply glowing all over, it would work in the way I described above.

In the case of the Inika, it’s actually an overwhelming of emotion (depending on the circumstance) and greater internal struggle that empowers the Toa. Because of the damaging effects of the Inika, it is frowned upon. @Idhren @Toa_Vladin @LTVmocs: Here’s a perfect scene to sum up the mindset of the Inika.

Essentially, achieving Nuva is mainly about becoming a stronger Toa than your strongest predecessor, either through raw emotion or hard work. Tahu would probably retain the Inika Mode the longest, assuming he ever obtains the Nuva through hard work at all. Onua and Kopaka are the most likely candidates to obtain the Nuva through hard work, before the others (Gali being a very close second, but she might develop a new way of obtaining it).

While I’m making no say in the powerset, this did get me thinking about the appearance.

This concept was described as “Nova”, and more similar to its use in that it’s extremely temporary. And yes, there’s a lot of Dragon Ball inspiration here.

In his Nova form, Tahu becomes surrounded in a flaming aura. His armour and weapons superheat, becoming blue in more places, as do his eyes. (Clearly inspired by base Super Saiyan, as well as a post on this page.)

In his Nova form, Kopaka becomes surrounded in freezing energy and mist. Ice covers portions of his armour, and encases his weapons.

In her Nova form, Gali becomes surrounded in a twister of water. Fin-like sections of compressed water protrude from her armour and weapons. (Inspired by Ash-Greninja and Tarix.)

In his Nova form, Pohatu becomes surrounded in a sandstorm. Stone covers his armour and weighs down his weapons. (Partially inspired by general powerups from Dragon Ball.)

In her Nova form, Lewa becomes surrounded in a tornado and perpetually levitates. Her armour glows a bright green. (Actually inspired by Nidhiki, from that scene in The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet.)

In his Nova form, Onua becomes surrounded in a cage of vines that grow from the moss on his armour. (Purple?, I only said this because I’m still very fond of the G2 purple) crystals grow from his armour.

In her Nova form, Voriki becomes surrounded by arcs of electricity that fluctuate. Her armour becomes electrified and pulses with energy. (Inspired by Super Saiyan 2 and Hero Factory of all things.)

In his Nova form, a being of Light becomes surrounded by an aura of light. Their armour becomes bioluminescent and transparent, and their weapons glow.

In their Nova form, a being of Shadow becomes cloaked in darkness. Spikes protrude from their armour, which becomes blackened.

MIGHT do art for these, not sure, anyone else is welcome of course.


I highly encourage you to draw some designs. My art isn’t the best, so it helps if someone else thinks up some designs.

Welp, I’ve done a concept for Tahu, and immediately though, dangit, I should have added some more stuff. It was fun though.

Now, how do you post it…

Ooh, does this work?

Tahu Nova(/Nuva/Inika whatever the heck we’ll call it.)

As for the changes that I should have added, probably some “white-hot” edges in places, methinks. I ended up taking more of a Super Saiyan God inspiration than base Super Saiyan (which’ll likely be more applicable to a being of light/Takanuva, whoever, whatever, you all know what I mean). I tried to give it a feeling of the aura covering him as well with the flames, with decent results.

Better artists than me can certainly feel free to do better versions/variations/adaptations of this.


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I’ve added your artwork to the initial pitch.

Ooh, sweet! Guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon then.

Okay, Gali Nova done as well.

As I said, there’s some heavy Ash-Greninja influence in this one. Unfortunately I mucked up the proportions a bit this time, owing to the crossed arms (which were a bit shonky). So, to recap, she’s surrounded in water, with compressed water fins and compressed water surrounding her weapons. Still though, I had fun. Previous usage thingymibobs apply.

Now, who to do next…?

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Kopaka could be interesting to see

I made this.



Interesting. So is this a Toa Nuva effectively?

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