Emtrone (Toa pretender)

A while back I poster a Rock Raider themed Bionicle Rockoh (front) | I build this guy as I wanted to build a bio… | Flickr which made me want to make more system themes into Bionicles.

This was an obvious choice as M-tron (a space theme from 1990) was m favorite so for me it was two of my favorite things in one.

Emtrone by Paul Joosten, on Flickr

A quick story of him he is part of a “fake team” of toa. Wearing a mask of fire he uses it to make the illusion he is a toa of fire more convincing. He also has minimal magnetic powers. (Note: This is is only because M-tron had magnets as their gimmick so I figured it would be appropriate for him.)

I have the rest of the team build hopefully I’ll get around to taking pictures of them.



Feels like a mech.

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It might benefit by having a bit more black armor, but it looks really cool, especially that hammer.

I love the name! But I agree with runs when he says it needs a bit more black

This looks pretty good. I especially like the color scheme you got going on. Personally, I don’t think you really need any more black

Thanks folks.

I’ll be honest sometimes I feel as a tiny bit more black could work while other times I feel the red is good. I don’t know guess it depends on my mood but it gives me something at least to think of.