End of a Year: tak's Unseen Art from 2015

So this is one of two posts I’ll make in this topic showing art that I just never bothered to show.
WARNING: a ton of pictures ahead!

This last one is a sad picture for me. This was the picture showing the aftermath of a battle between two Spartans, but I drew this base off of a falling out between one of my friends and I.

We’ve had an off and on friendship for a couple of years and this time we fought pretty hard against each other and both got really, really hurt. So that whole situation is why I’ve been less active lately, this and other personal issues have been stressing me out really bad, and because of that its been hard to draw. Hopefully with the new year things will get better and I can be more active!
Please feel free to critic and such, and I’ll post more soon!


Amazing Art
Sad to here about your falling out

Also what is that twelfth one since I thought I saw it before
Was it Dota?

This art is really amazing.
Like really really, greatest on the boards amazing.
I especially love that Umbreon.
But I still love all of it.

I have more than enough experience with loosing friends, and I wish you only the best.


Nope, just a random/custom d&d styles goblin.

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This stuff is…incredible. Amazing work Taky.

These are all awesome!

all of your art is beautiful man

Wow! All love all of the Bionicle art you drew, especially that Takanuva!

I’m sorry to hear that! :frowning:

Did I just see Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank as an earring- whereing pirate?

Amazing art as always Tak!

There’s some really great art here Tak. I think my favorite is either the Samurai or Skull Basher.

Here’s the other ones I promised:

The last one is based off one of @RaptorTalon’s Mocs and was done New Year’s Eve. Please feel free to critic and such!


Your too talented.
It’s killing me…

The 5th photo reminds me of Fiora
Photo 6 is something I would see in Xenosaga

Very nice!

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