End of Aura

The Figure slips into an alleyway, as if to hide from the prying eyes of the public.

Zorkhan follows the figure into the alleyway. This was probably an ambush or something of the like was an idea that passed through his mind momentarily.

You may relax for the moment… We have no intentions of elaborately drawing your attention before subsequently murdering you. Had you been our target you would never have realised until the precise moment of your death.” The figure spoke, still facing away from Zorkhan, given the two were alone and reasonably close Zorkhan could notice the figure was slightly hunched as well as the subtle shimmer of blades underneath their cloak.

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Zorkhan watches the two, now incredibly curios of their actions. He decides to back away and accidentally causes noise by kicking a small rock with his heel.

Artemis, while wishing to simply destroy this building, had an odd curiosity for the building. He made his way to enter inside this building.

The main gate had a large chunk of the church blocking it however there was a side door partially obscured with leaves

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Come now Mr Li Degan, there’s no need for such apprehension. After all we merely wish to offer you a business proposal… nothing more, nothing less” whilst the figure’s words were calm and placatory Zorkhan could not help but detect an underlying menace.

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Artemis goes to the side door, trying to see if it could open easily.

Zorkhan couldn’t help but smile, with people such as this around, maybe no one would notice his ritual…He decides to keep this coin and move elsewhere lest he is discovered.

The door swung open with ease, the hinges had come slightly use over the years it would seem, they made a small bit of noise but that was it. A dark staircase lead down.

Artemis walked down the stairs warily. He kept a keen eye, in case it was a trap.

Kahuna walked silently down the streets of the town. He noticed two people dart into an alleyway and watched them, suspicious. He adjusted the small guards on his forearms and hurried after them, using the shadows to increase his speed and sight.
He saw Artemis duck into the door and followed.

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The passage seemed to lead to a large underground cathedral hall, in the centre was a basin of water that was fed by a slow dripping from above that echoed about the chamber. At the opposite end of the room there was a staircase on the left side a huge mirror stood at the centre of that wall and of in the corner was a was an old big box.

Artemis looks at the mirror, seeing as it was the main thing to catch his eye. If someone were to trap this, he wouldn’t be surprised if a mirror was used, and that box was a distraction.

If Kahuna continued to follow Artemis, he would find himself inside an old church building, of which Artemis entered through the side and went down a set of stairs.

Kahuna stepped from a shadow into the light, watching him carefully, before continuing his following.

There was something off about the the mirror and the box, something not quite right

Finally stepping out of the Tavern, Aep caught sight of Alfred and Torinn, waving at them he yells “Heya! Are you Guys Adventurers!?

“Why yes I am an adventurer of sorts. I am the silver knight Alfred undead hunter.”

Have you ever needed Divine protection when facing undead?” began Aep, tentatively excited.

“Well…” he thinks to himself for a bit “Insurance never hurts does it?”

Tell me sir have you heard the sonorous word of our saviour…” Aep’s head quickly darts from side to side, scanning the area for onlookers (of which there are fortunately none… that Aep can see) “…Leviathan?” he whispers as if he were a child telling their friend a rude word.

“I can’t say I’ve heard of any god called ‘Leviathan’ the name seems to evoke images of giant monsters however…”