End of Hope: belated 1-yr entry circa Jul. 28

Ekimu tossed his hammer up in the air, before dropping it again. The villagers were satisfied with the newest batch of masks, and all was well.
The thing was, Ekimu didn’t know what to do. Unlike his brother, Makuta, who strived to make masks for admiration at a constant rate, he, Ekimu, was content with making a few masks and giving it a go.
Another toss, and Ekimu dropped the hammer carelessly on the side of his forging table, a glimmering golden workspace with a furnace to the right, and a mask stand to his left, towering to the height of him himself.
Shutting the door behind him with a clang, Ekimu took a stroll into the ancient city, or Okahu. The arena sparkled with light, burning bright with the beauty of a whispering flame. Looking into the city, he saw two colored blobs, Kanu, the great Skull Slicer and 10-time champion, practicing against the tall Okinga known as the Skull Grinder, or Kulta, from what he could decipher, in the arena.
Ekimu walked towards the arena, a happy, light-hearted tone to his step. He needed a break.
Walking through the city, he could feel the silence of the night. Nothing was out of place, and the entire city was quiet enough to be able to hear a feather from a Dukapa fall to the ground.
Of course, there was the ordinary, though seldom villager on sirkut (Seer-kyoot)-driven cart. The scorpion-like creature would normally brandish its claws proudly when passing, seemingly defending the rider, but the giant tail, larger than any being in existence at all, was enough to scare away any assaulters.
Ekimu went onward, pace a slight bit faster. With his carefree tone, he started whistling, not too common for the mask makers.
Of course, he’d wished that his brother would come with him. Though the Brothers may not have bonded entirely since their father died, Ekimu hoped that this walk may have helped Makuta had he been with him.
Makuta, being obsessed with fame, always wanting to do something surpassing his brother. Ekimu knew that would only make him worse, but he needed to keep from bringing that up. If their father was still alive, he’d tell Makuta to stop with the worry, and just relax. Immense concern would only lead to disaster, or destruction itself.
After all, Ekimu thought, the reason their father created the designated masks for them was to help both in the specified area they might need to improve. Makuta was the neat freak; always attempting to be perfect in every way. He wanted all of his masks to be flawless, and got perfect gradings from their crafting lessons as children. The mask of Control was only to kill the constant desire for perfection.
Ekimu, on the other hand, had a terrible imagination. He may have been skilled at the geometry required to make a mask, but when deciding to make a proper mask of sorts, he couldn’t create an aesthetic perfect for the mask’s abilities. His mask, the mask of Creation, was to help him with his imaging, creating a mask’s conceptualization right in front of him.
Of course, Ekimu remembered, no time for that. Now was for sight-seeing, and this night was a beautiful night. Ekimu looked to the flaming balls otherwise known as stars, and watched them shimmer, the beauty of light.
What Ekimu didn’t know was that this would be the last night on Okoto.

Walking to the arena, Ekimu glanced over to the Graveyard. The grave was still gloomy as ever, holding the bodies of past protectors, those who had gone into old age, the oldest being 194 or so.
Of course, that was his father, Ekuma the great, the body under the statue of himself, being large and square, with the arms crossed, head back, and a hammer in his hands. Ekimu sighed. His father was a great man, but he’d wished he was able to aid the brothers.
Walking around a small hut, he saw the arena up close. As he already knew, large houses were erected into the side of the structure, and yet the eye of a mask-like portion’s structure was at least 20 times larger, in both width and height.
The arena itself had improved its quality by a milestone last Ekimu saw it. Now, it looked more like an arena, the sides of the wall decorated with spikes and swords. The floor had the design of a massive whirling loop, with many different elemental symbols to decorate the sectors which the warriors came from.
In the center stood Tahmono and Jahneeka, the famous announcers, waving to the audience.
Walking through the stands, Ekimu saw all of the Okinga cheer for him, many attempting to grasp his leg. Though he may have just entered, the Okinga were screaming for requests of grand masks, forged and signed by the grand Ekimu.
My, my, Ekimu thought, If only these Okinga could bug the heck outta Makuta rather than me. I’m exhausted.
Ekimu attempted to pull the villagers off his knee. He tried to pull them off, and failed athis grand attempt.
“Ekimu, here!”
Ekimu turned to see his friend, Notaru, leader of the village of Fire. Surprised, Ekimu stumbled over to him, kicked the grabbing Okinga off of his feet, and sat down on the soft seat next to his friend. Unnoticed by him, a child, merely the size of half the protector, popped out from Notaru’s lap, enthusiastic to watch.
“You’re Ekimu, the Mask Maker!” The child said, “The Great Mask Maker of Okoto! You saved our village, and the rest of Okoto, too, from the lava-fall that would've destroyed the region! I've heard grand tales of you from my father!”
“Now, now, Toneti, we don’t want to scare our guest away, do we?” Notaru pulled his child away from Ekimu, trying to keep him from adoring Ekimu.
"It's okay, Notaru. He can sit on my lap, for one."
Ekimu placed Toneti on his thighs, the three watching the tournament, chuckling a bit.

"Okinga of all races, male and female, today's championship will start within moments. While waiting, buy a few boxes of Muki! All freshly prepared by the villagers of Ko-Rahonge, the sandy village itself!"

A clank rattled across the inner field, and the two Okinga, both a slight bit taller than the usual, clashed onward.
The two figures, Kanu and Kulta, threw their blows this way and that, Kino the Basher looking on.
"My, my pupil, soon becoming better than I am! I'm proud of you!" Kanu, the Slicer, swiped his sword at Kulta, and slashed his chain down at Kulta's staff.
"Well, the student can emerge the teacher, eh, Master Kanu?" Kulta the Grinder dodged the throw of the chain, then yanked out the sword, "Hey, Kino! You're supposed to practice with us, not abandon us immediately! Why else are you here?"
"Busy. I'm observing the fight. You know me, Kulta."
"Sure. Do what you want." Kulta knew exactly what was going on. Both of them had a dark secret, only one both of them knew, "You may as well regret it sooner or later."
Kino nodded. Kanu was getting old, and his old-fashioned beliefs of sparing his opponent or keeping from wounding them may just as well be his downfall. Besides, he knew exactly how they would fight. After all, only he looked at the match schedule, and Kanu had been left in the dark.
"Well, Kulta, Kino, the fight's starting. It's best we get to the arena now."
The three "friends" walked into the arena, though Kino stayed back for a quick second.
Going back into his personal training room, he looked at the dark shape manifesting itself in the shadow.
"Don't worry. Soon we'll let you out. Master's plan will work, and now, we will start the action."
The shadow screeched in delight, and his 8 legs moved upward, crawling across the wall.

Toneti pulled on Ekimu's thighs, clearly excited. The young boy couldn't wait, and tried to see the crowd from Ekimu's vision.
Ekimu, sensing this, pulled the boy above his head, onto his shoulders, and allowed him to see the full view.
"Okinga of every race, the tournament has started! Let's introduce the competitors, shall we?"
The crowd boomed with excitement, all cheering for the announcer.
"First off, let's welcome... The great Skull Slicer! You know him as Kanu, and I'm pretty sure we all know he's the ten-time champion warrior!"
The crowd boomed even louder. Toneti dropped a doll onto Ekimu's head, a small version of Kanu himself, the cautious, chain-holding gladiator himself.
"And now, we have with us... the warrior Skull Grinder! Tell me a bit more about this guy, Jahneeka?"
"Well, this warrior is a mere Okinga, but taller than the very protectors themselves. He's a brute, but he has tactics and tricks up his exoskeleton. Knowing that he's the very pupil makes this fight more exciting, and could possibly make him more famous, if he wins. Speaking of fame, we have two in the stands themselves. Could'ya get to that, Tahmono?"
"Oh, yes, indeed. Joining us today, we have the Protector of Ahi-Rahonge himself, Notaru!"
Notaru stood up, waving at the crowd. Everyone clearly went wild at the sight of him, and one even tried to grab his leg.
"Ladies, ladies, he's married and has a kid. Don't try to kill him." The announcer attempted to grasp the crowd's attention once more, "And now, we have the great mask maker Ekimu!
And guess what? We have a special extra! Introducing, Toneti, son of Notaru!"
Ekimu rose, waving at the Okinga around him. Many tried to grab at him, but he couldn't stand it. He needed a bit of oxygen, if any.
"Folks, the tournament will start, so sit back and enjoy the sh- wait, there's another champion emerging! Please welcome... The fresh fighter, Skull Basher! How about some info, Jah?"
"Well, this guy, Kino, is a tactician, kinda contradicting to his name. Basher? Sound's like a mindless brute smashing folk's skulls inward. Anyhow, to you Tah."
"Well, thanks for the info, Jah. It seems I've gotten the fight info, and it looks like the fight will be between... Kulta and Kino Versus Kanu!"
The crowd gasped, Toneti, surprised, dropped his Kanu doll. In his loudest tone, he squeaked, "Go Kanu!"
The audience, upon hearing this, joined the chant, "Go Kanu! Go Kanu!" More than loud enough.
Kanu, pride starting up, took his place at the "Jungle" segment of the arena, while Grinder and Basher went to their respective portions.
The Ti-Rahengen guards, lowering their ice bows, looked back at the tournament, clearly excited.
Kulta grinned, and pulled his staff up. His eyes began to glow menacingly, and his sword pulled out of his belt, he walked towards his opponent. His horns began to stiffen, and point like daggers.
Kino cracked his knuckles, and pulled out his axes, a wide, villainous grin spread across his face. He winked at Kulta.
Kulta made his grin, his chin enlargening. His eyes glowered even more, his smile larger.
Kanu looked at his former student. Kulta looked more cruel than he thought, and he wondered if his pupil ever actually cared for him, among anyone.
But now was not the time.

Slicer readied his chain, and pulled up his small sword. He was going to do battle, and if this was the way he was going out, it best be this one.


Kulta made himself a defensive position, staff at defense of the upper torso, sword on leg protection. He needed to prepare his defense if he were to fight his former teacher.


Kino put his axes in a cross. From observation of both Kanu and Kulta, he knew exactly how both would fight. This match would be too easy for him.


Ekimu braced himself. He knew not what was going to happen, but, from what he could tell, Kanu would die. He didn't like the idea of that. Kanu was by far the best competitor and most compassionate fighter.


The hour before...

"Perfect, perfect. This will gain enough success and reverence from the Okinga. At least, I hope so."
Makuta put his hammer onto the table, another mask made. He was amazed by the quality it delivered this time, and admired his work.
He knew he'd perfected it this time. The Okinga would certainly revere him this time, not his older brother.
Tahu's sake, where HAD Ekimu gone? He just up and left so quickly, he didn't even notice.
Makuta went to his brother's room, noticing the area abandoned by him. The hammer was placed next to the forgery, and he was gone.
Probably in the city right now. It's just another night at Okoto, and he wants to tour the city again. Maybe for the fun of it, since we haven't seen the city for so long.
Then, a dark thought crossed his mind, and he smiled. Contacting his old allies, he said, "Hey, guys, I need you to get this done now. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. And yes, I'm referring to tonight. Do this in the match at the aren..."

Kanu blocked another move from Kulta, and jumped out of the way from a blow of Kino's, surprising the tatical warrior, who pulled his axes back.
The two fighters ran across the arena, attempting to block each and every move. Kulta attempted to swing his sword at Kanu, but Kino sliced his axe down at Kanu's arm instead, throwing him off balance and injuring the great warrior, only but a dent.

That was when Kulta released his elemental energy.

Kulta threw a fire blast at his mentor, and launched the sword he held at the old fighter. Slicer attempted to dodge, but he was thrown off balance.
Attempting to put himself out, he summoned the vines of the sides of the arena. They wrapped him up, and when they released him, his body stopped its flame.
Summoning his strength, he threw the tendrils of vines at both of the warriors, his old friends.
Basher used his horns to keep off the vines, and ripped each of them apart, throwing his axe at Kanu's arm. Kanu's sword flew out of his hand, and his arm spun right out of his joint, flying into Kulta and knocking him off-balance.
Kino, running with his best ability, dodged the constant stream of wild vines flying from a distressed Slicer, and threw his Earth power at the same time, summoning a barrier of spikes, and destroying the vines of Kanu.
Kanu, with his one arm, he threw his chain at Kino and grabbed at his remaining axe, " You leave me no choice, brothers. I thought you were caring, but if this is the way to go..."
"Kanu, you're too soft and misbelieving. Why would we love you in a battle? Kulta, you alive?"
"Yeah, getting back into the building. You know what we have to do."

Ekimu, watching the fight, was entirely befuddled. Why on earth would two glorious and respected champions, both friends with their competitor, try to kill him desperately? He hadn't seen tournaments where Okinga would actually want to kill their friends. Ordinarily, Okinga would seem remorseful, or saddened.
Then it registered; Ekimu heard Kulta say "My master." and "Summon it." already. He couldn't understand why, but he needed the guards to understand.

Makuta pulled his hammer up, and summoned the elemental energies required for the mask. He took the gold out of his storage, and placed it on the anvil.
Pouring in the elemental energy, he hammered the hunk of metal.
Light, Fire, Water, Ice...
Soon, his brother would be jealous of him. The villagers would respect him.
And the island would know his power.

Hurrying in, Kulta yelled out, "Arahk! Arahk, where are you?"
Reaching Kino's personal training room, he found the creature.
"Arahk, unleash your army. The island must know the terror."
Arahk smiled, and his creatures flooded the room. The spiders jumped on Kulta's body, creating armor powerful enough to survive even the most destructive of explosions.
Kulta smiled. Everything was going according to his master's plans.

Kanu held off the last of Kino's blows, slashing his chain into the flying dirt, and summoning vines to heave the rocks back at Kino. The warrior was unprepared for the constant blows, and lost his axe's grip.
The walls began to crumble, and Kanu's power was too weak to hold them up. Using his remaining arm, he threw his sword at the wall, fastening it in to fix the walls together.
Suddenly, smoke blew through the wall, and the arena lit up on fire.
Kanu shielded his eyes, and saw a figure emerge from the wall.
Out came Kulta, blue armor covering his body, his inner organic material glowing brightly red.
Fire emanated from his skull, and his staff had been improved more than usual, with the bones of Sirkut.
He was taller too, 4 times taller than an average Okinga, actually, Ekimu himself.
From his side came a spider, more menacing and evil than he himself.
Around both of them came spiders of all sorts, though the main color of them was blue.
Kanu knew these creatures: the Skull Spiders. He'd researched their being back in school. Blue were strength, Silver speed, Glaringly Green x-ray, and Red fear. The creatures were mainly blue, so clearly Kulta had wanted a strength and shielding attack.
Alongside him, Kino walked back to his ally. The spiders encompassed his body, and he became blue, with the glaring purple burning through his body. His axes were made even sharper than usual, and, like Kulta, he became taller, but only three quarters Kulta's new size.
"Goodbye, teacher. You were never ruthless enough. Too much of a soft side." Kulta picked up his staff, and walked towards his teacher, "Well, you'll just lose your sorry excuse of a life."
Kulta threw his staff at Kanu's lying figure.
And Kanu felt his chest explode.

Ekimu stared pitifully. What was going on?
He wasn't confused, but rather surprised by the destruction caused by the two warriors. For some reason, the guards weren't responding to the battle ensuing. Rather than that, they didn't even care.
"Guards, stop them!"
Tahmono fell out of the stand from the six bullets coming out of his chest. The perpetrator turned, his cloak on.
Pulling it off, he revealed himself as a guard, but possessed by a skull spider.
Slowly, the rest of the guards revealed their faces. Menacing skull spiders were plastered onto their faces, white icy energy flowing through their body and spiraling around their entire form, consuming them.
Suddenly, their bodies transformed into larger beings. Lighting up, they turned into larger beings, and the sirkut they were riding turned into larger creatures, their armory harder, and tail sharper than ever. Silver coated their body, and the mask turned into the Grinder's mask.
The Scorpio's mask became that of Basher, and the claws became more sharp, and glowed with red-hot energy of Kulta's immense power.
The archers lifted their heads, and said only one word.

Makuta pounded at the lopsided hunk of golden metal, fiery, swirling energy encompassing its entirety. Only did he pause to retrieve his brother's hammer.
Immediately as he touched it, he knew he shouldn't have. He knew that using his brother's power would hurt the mask, hurt himself. He knew it was an terrible thing to do, and immoral. But most of all, his inner justice told him that it was bad, that he shouldn't have done this in the first place.
No, he thought, I must have fame. Nothing will stop that.
And then he thought about throwing the hunk of fiery metal into the end, destroying it at the gateway between the Fire Region and Okahu.
No!, he pulled the metal up to the anvil, I will HAVE recognition! This is MY chance, no, MY VERY OPPORTUNITY to gain fame and glory!
And then he brought his brother's hammer, and began to pound.
He didn't care. He would have that fame he so desired.
And his dear brother would tremble in his power.

Screams and shouts rang across the arena as Okinga attempted to run from the constant fire of the Ice Guards. An unfortunate Okinga fell from the shot of a guard's arrow, and his upper chest exploded into dust.
The Okinga tripped over each other attempting to escape as searing arrows flew across the arena, and destroyed a wall, causing rocks to crumble and kill ten villagers.
Through the confusion, Ekimu saw a villager fall to the ground and get stepped on, his body breaking open and organs and blood ooze and fly across the bleachers. Turning away, he saw his friend attempting to calm the field of excited Okinga, and exceeding.
Ekimu shouted at his highest voice, shouting, "All of you, calm down!"
The Okinga almost calmed down, and an arrow burnt through a villager's chest and went through the many villagers. The Okinga resumed their fear.
Kulta grinned maliciously, his smile causing Ekimu to feel desperate, fearful of his success.
"Ekimu, you have failed. No way can you succeed in your attempt to control the destruction of Okahu. Goodbye, foolish Mask Maker."
And suddenly, the corpse of Kanu stood up.
He had a Skull on his face.

Makuta picked up his new mask, the burning elements entwined in the metal. He looked at it musingly, adoring it at every angle.
Immediately, he thought it was terrible, that he should destroy it. He felt like shattering it, smashing it and throwing it in a fiery lake.
No, you shan't do it. The destruction of the mask will hurt the balance of life.
Makuta was surprised, "Were you talking to me? Was it you, mask?"
You shall refer to me as the 'Mask of Ultimate Power'. I would prefer 'Tahnoki', but you will be my servant. I am now your master.
Makuta grinned unintentionally. He would follow his new master, and his eyes went from purple to flaming red.

Ekimu gasped, and ran to the arena, past the screaming Okinga and fiery arrows attempting to pierce his adamantium armor. Jumping to the floor of the arena, he saw Slicer fall to the ground and explode.
Kino grinned, and Arahk sent his spiders to find the corpses of the dead Okinga.
As the spiders jumped onto him and shaped a body, the shape glowed, and exploded.
On the ground stood Kanu, more glorious than the original form of himself.
And he had gained two more arms.

Makuta closed the door, and set off. He felt the tremendous amount of power tell him he shouldn't have done this at all, but the mask was more powerful.
Follow me. You want your fame, don't you? You want a perfect world.
"I understand. I'm just... having trouble going through with it."
Don't worry. Doubt and concern will lead to downfall. You should just keep to the plan.
Keep to the plan, keep to the plan..., Makuta stored the mask in his bag. The first of his duties was to find the closest location to wear his mask.

Ekimu dodged the sword of Kanu, and jumped over Basher's sword. He knew he had to keep from death, but death was upon him.
"Foolish mask maker. You should never have come, for master's plan has worked. I do not fear the end of Okahu." Grinder came down, throwing his staff downward at Ekimu.
"Kulta... you corrupted, pathetic excuse for a warrior. Why do you choose to fight, when you gain nothing but destruction?"
"Because," Basher screeched, his once-beautiful voice destroyed by the armory, "*He rewards jus higher position. And now, we shall dispose of you, just as we did Kanu."
Ekimu threw himself over the reincarnated, mindless body that was not Kanu's, and stole a dagger. Running, he slid under Grinder's staff, and kicked Basher in the face, his axes flying out of his hands.
The two beings, enraged, charged at the enchanted Mask Maker, but Ekimu sidestepped, tripping Grinder, and jumping over the two, approaching Arahk with his swords.
Arahk attempted to run, but Ekimu, looking away, threw Kanu's dagger at the giant spider.
Because of his caution, he missed.
Arahk, picking up the dagger with his claw, screamed for his soldiers.
Millions of spiders and possessed guards on sirkut ran at the Mask Maker.
Ekimu slit his eyes, and watched the oncoming army.
With his minimal fighting skill, entirely untouched, he leapt over a guard's arrow, causing it to hit the other guard, who threw his spear at Ekimu. Ekimu, grabbing it, charged at Basher, and turned, throwing it at the former tactician, and pinning him to the ground.
Using his strength, gained from hammering masks constantly, he grabbed the horns of the dead warrior, and pulled them out, as they began to grow again. Throwing it behind him, he heard the screeches of multiple archers. He didn't look back.
Grabbing Basher's axes, lain across the floor, he chopped his way up the arena walls, and grabbed the emergency ladder for the running, dying Okinga, storing one of the axes.
A bow clicked in place.
Turning, he saw the many Guards attempting to slaughter him, and threw one of Basher's heavy ades at one, pivoting immediately before he saw the killing, and threw the ladder in his other hand to the Okinga.
"Villagers, here!"
As Notaru led the frightened villagers to the escape ladder, Ekimu pulled out Basher's remaining axe from his back, and attempted to defend himself from the rain of arrows.
Glimpsing, he saw Kanu, no, Slicer, walk, chain in hand.

Makuta looked at the desert region, and then back at his mask. He knew he'd needed to place the mask on his face, over the mask of control, but he knew this wasn't the right place.
Put it on? Not here. The mask told him, Wear it in a different location. This just isn't the place.
Ok, Makuta thought, I'll find the better region. Would you like it his region or a different one?
This one, actually. The quicker the better, Makuta.
And so Makuta set off once more.

Ekimu threw his axe at Kanu from behind himself, hearing the two cracks. Looking back, he saw the warrior on the floor with Kulta, the axe having penetrated both of their chests.
Arahk, fearful, commanded the army to run from the arena, and instead destroy the city.
*Yes, cowardly spider. Run away. I can't take any more shenanigans of your army."
And Ekimu, jumping off of the all, got back on foot and ran to the forge.

Makuta walked to the village, hammer in his hand.
Go on in. This will be fun.
Makuta grinned, and walked into the village square, the mask sharpening his hammer's edge.

Ekimu ran tirelessly, dodging the fire from the guards's arrows and the spiders attempting to take control of him.
He needed to get to the valley, and get all of the villagers out of their houses.
He knew, however, that he may fail.

A child looked out of the window, seeing the destruction of his city, as the spiders attempted to destroy his room and possess him.
"Mommy, Daddy, help!"
The child's mother came into his room, and upon seeing the destruction of the room, she tried to hold the child in her arms.
An arrow hit her child, and in a second, there was nothing left but organ bits, fluid, and a mask.

Makuta entered the village square, and pulled out the mask.
Immediately, all of the villagers came in, possessed by the sheer power the mask and Makuta's mask gave off intensively.
Makuta, pulling out his hammer, used the sharp end on the Okinga.
The villagers all fell to the ground, upper and lower torso serrated and excreting fluids.

Ekimu entered the temple, and called, "Makuta!"
No one answered, "Makuta!!"
Sighing, Ekimu entered the forge, and saw his hammer.
On the end was a black residual dust, basically darkness.
Ekimu, suddenly realizing the idea behind this, grabbed his hammer, pulled out his bag, scribbled a letter on a leaf, and ran, stabbing it on his door with a needle.
"This may be the last you may ever see of me. If you're reading this, you know I've fallen to a slumber. I hope you remember the prophecy.

Makuta found the ideal location for his mask, and set his bag down.
Taking out his mask, he suddenly remembered the villagers he'd slaughtered.
He dropped the mask on the floor, falling in the dusty sand.
Do not fear, Makuta. The villagers were killed for the better good. Now our power is stronger!
Makuta reached for the mask again, picking it up from the ground.

Ekimu ran faster than ever, knowing where he could find Makuta. He knew his dear brother would put any mask on in the desert region. His father had instructed both of them on this particular step.
His brother.
He knew his brother should've obeyed the rules of Mask Makers, and kept from making the multi-elemental mask. He knew exactly how destructive that mask would be.
He knew he should've cared for his brother more than he did after their parent's death.
But he'd forgotten.
He'd neglected his brother, and forgotten the fact that his brother's power was equal to his own. He'd forgotten the fact that the villagers hadn't payed any attention to his brother's more perfected masks.
And now, he knew his brother had gone crazy with power.
Inside, he felt terrible.

Makuta pulled the mask to his face, admiring the aesthetic and design on the mask.
Put it on! Heaven's sake, put me on!
Makuta blinked, then realized his mistake, "Oh. I'll do that soon."
Suddenly, he saw a golden figure in the sands, creeping slowly across the sands.

Ekimu heard the distant voice. Glimpsing, he saw his brother, the mask in hand.
"Ekimu!" Makuta had been freed from the trance, and yet still holding the mask.
*Put the mask on! You think you created this for nothing? A waste of a mask? Wear the mask!
"Okay." Makuta almost said to none, "Hold on. Why do you refer to yourself in third-person?"
Ekimu, baffled, didn't understand why Makuta was talking to himself.
Just because I do! Wear the Toa-Forsaken mask!
And Makuta, under the trance again, pulled the mask up to his face.

Makuta looked past his brother, shouting for help, and looked back to his mask, placing it onto his face.
"Makuta, pull the mask off! Don't kill yourself!"
And Makuta was about to go with his brother, when he realized; Your brother betrayed you, doesn't keep his attention to you. Why should you follow this madman of a brother?
Makuta pulled the mask back onto his face; he let it fall back off of his face, "Ekimu, you worthless form of a brother. You were always the loved one, the most adored. Now, you can be the fool, the sufferer, the one unknown. Goodbye, brother "
And Makuta placed the mask on his face entirely.

Ekimu watched as his brother wore the mask and fell.
Suddenly, his form glowed, changing, darkening, and enlargening.
Ekimu, wary, knew that his brother had been taken over, and he no longer had free will.
"I am not that pathetic excuse for a Mask maker. Your... Makuta Is dead. I control his body."
The mask proceeded to use its power to absorb the elements from the land, taking in each and every force of power.
Ekimu, only watching, pulled out his hammer, and struggling, walked to his brother, controlled by the mask, "Makuta! I know you're in there!"
The mask turned his brother's body to his attention, "Can you not believe your brother is gone? He is dead, controlled by me*."*
Ekimu pulled his hammer up, and walked through the piercing winds of the desert, "Then I believe I have no choice."
Ekimu threw his hammer, barely resisting the winds, up at Makuta's face.
And he flew back from the hard blow to his body, punching him down into the sands.
The island darkened, and the villagers arrived at safety.
Arahk ran to the outside of Okahu, as the shockwave killed every living creature within it.

Notaru and his fellow protectors circled around Ekimu's body, fallen in a crater.
"Ekimu, are you alright?"
Renaha, the protector of water, walked down into the crater, then pulled her hand onto his chest, "I'm afraid he is gone from us."
Jizanu, the jungle protector, said, "My foot-tails sense that he will tell us a prophecy." And she stood over his body, watching intently.
Suddenly, the still body of Ekimu broke open, a strange, blue liquid flowing out of his chest. Words were whispered through his broken torso.
"When times are dark, evoke the power of the past and the present, timeless heroes fall from the skies of Okoto."
Telluras, protector of earth, said, "Shall I carry him?" as he walked forward.
"You may." Responded Notaru, "And we shall honor him. Izadro, do you have the mask?"
Izadro, ice protector, nodded his head, and, walking down the pit, placed the mask on Ekimu's still face.
Telluras carried the dormant Okinga to the temple of time, where he lay.


whoa this is amazing

And the rest:

The protectors raised their hands, and began the prophecy.
"Wana otim aor dhurk, avohka le puor va post y prasento."
The protectors aimed their elements at the center of the stand, the elements burning into the crater.
"Lesotim tahreos feull fhramu le horzia va Okoto"
The prophecy finished, the protectors watched as six crystals emerged, and floated into the air.
Each crystal opened up, and beams of light shot up in the air.
The protectors sighed, and walked away. Travel throught time and space took more than years, and could just as well happen within a thousand years or more.

Thirty years later...

"Listen, daughter, to the prophecy of heroes."
Toneti walked into the stone corridor, his child with him.
"On this island of Okoto, lived the two mask makers, Ekimu and Makuta."
Toneti rose his torch to the stone encryptions, Kahuna reading the words.
"The brothers made many masks for the Okinga in the city, but Ekimu's were more prized."
The young protector brought his torch to the near end of the story, and continued.
"Makuta, jealous, created a plan to destroy the Okahu.
It was a sacred law that no mask could contain more than at least one power, and that the excessive power of all seven elements; Fire, Ice, Water, Stone, Earth, Jungle, and Light could not be pulled together, or it would immediately succumb to darkness, and become one with it.
But Makuta, jealous as he was, made the mask more terrible than mere legend foretold, and dubbed it:"
Kahuna gasped as Tenito pointed his light to the symbol.
"The Mask of Ultimate Power."
Tenito placed his flame down to the next section.
"When he put it on, it took control of him, and he became It.
Ekimu, however, courageous and valiant as he was, struck it down, even with concern.
Thus, a shockwave exploded through the land, and both brothers fell to a deep slumber."
Tenito drew his flame to the end of the tale.
"We were separate after this, and almost without purpose, but we made societies, and lived unfearingly in the land.
But thus, Ekimu left us one last gift; the prophecy as heroes. It goes with translation,"
The protector remembered his father's words, "When times are dark, evoke the power of the past and present, six heroes fall from the skies of Okoto."
Kahuna, having listened to all of this, was awestruck.

Seventy years after...

Narmoto glanced at the sky, acknowledging the presence of the toa's spirit.
He felt the tug on the elements as the sky darkened.
Getting up from his meditation at his garden house (Note: not a pagoda. The only earthen objects to co-exist with Bionicle are needles, hay, and our languages. Nothing else is acceptable.), he looked to the sky.
Six flaming comets fell to the earth of Okoto, and were going to hit the mountain of Okoto.
The old protector smiled. The last time this happened, it had hit the nearby island of Okoto, the one the exiled family of the conspiring light protector and his family lived in. The residue left a pattern saying "Takanuva - Mask Hunter".
This time, the red comet left a spark, saying "Tahu - wearer of the Golden Armor".
Narmoto heaved himself up, enabled his shoulder cannon, and walked to his abode.
When leaving, he was dressed in a robed garment, his fire staff in his hand. The back of his robe showed the fire emblem.
He grinned wisely.
This would be the beginning of the legend.

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I don't think he was 5 or so generations before.

Rather, his ancestor 5 generations before him.

Creative liberties. I also made the jungle protector female.


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