End of the Gilded Age - RP Topic

“Y-yeah!” the old man sputters. “I’m a proud veteran under General Hancock! So ya better watch yourself, this ain’t Virginia!”

The bandit rolls his eyes. “This old man couldn’t do anything to me.”

Indeed, as the woman bandit and her friend manage to dismount from their horses and climb onto the furthest cab. They disappear from your sight.

“Hehe… miss, you seems to be a lady of reason.” He says starting to rumage through his bag looking for a stick of dynamite he had packed. “I think you do want to consider talking about this over a drink and we could surely come to an agreement where you get your gold or it can go really bad for you.” He continues sticking his other hand in his pocket reachinc for a match. Meanwhile he pulls a stick of dynamite from his backpack.

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“That’s the point, sweetheart, you think crazy earl cares what you think? He’ll blow off your gun arm and suck on your fingers. You don’t want him sucking on your fingers, do you?”

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The bandits get nervous. “W-what?” the one with the goatee asks. “Are you mad? You’ll kill yourself and all of us!”

The snoring man from earlier flips out. “Oh god, don’t blow us up!”

Running to the back cab, you open the door. The bandits see you, and take up their rifles, pointing at you. They stand rather still.

“Gotta giva ya credit,” the woman says. “You ain’t a bad shot, mister. Too bad you’re out-gunned here.”

“What kinda threat is that?” The bandit asks.

Suddenly, the old man takes the time, while the bandit is distracted, to take out his cigar from his mouth. He places the hot end on the back of the bandit’s neck, and the bandit screams.


The Gunslinger took that moment to pull up his gun and fired point blank into the thug’s chest

“Out-gunned? Yes I supose so.” He says, raising his gun over his head.

“It’s just one fuse and a flick before this carts go sky high!” He says chuckling hysterically as he pulls up the lighter. “So I say it once more I beg you to reconsider miss.” He says with amusement in his voice.

“CRACK!” your bullet goes, and the bandit is killed immediately. The sound rings through the cab.

The old man looks at you, and smiles in excitement. “Ha! Ya did it sonny!”

“Yeah, that ought to do it,” the woman says. She approaches you, still with her gun pointing at you. Bandit 4 follows her lead.

“Yer gunna let us pass, ya hear?” Bandit 4 says.

The Victorian woman gulps. “Y-you wouldn’t really do that? Ya know suicide is a grave sin. Ya really risking hell on us?”

“Couldn’t have done it without ya, Crazy Earl.”

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“Of course.” He says, putting his rifle down, leaning it against the wall, and stepping back from the door.

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“Oops” he let out as he toyed with the lighter letting the flame far enough that it wouldn’t light the stick but still close enough to look threatening. “I’d reckon you have about 2 minutes there to make up your mind.” He continues.

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“Name’s Bob Dowell, actually.” The old man sits back down, and starts to enjoy is cigar. “Apologies for the fear, ain’t as good as my younger self. Made a good choice in rescuing me, ya did. See, I’m a banker for New York. I’ll see to it ya get reward for handling these bandits!”

The bandits pass through. The woman walks backwards, keeping her gun on you. The other bandit walks past, seeing Manco in the room with an old man, and seeing one of his allies shot down. He points his gun at Manco.

“Seems we got some heroes here,” he replies.

“Put it out!” the snoring man cries. “Please, oh god please, don’t kill me too!”

The Victorian woman points her gun at you. “2 minutes is a while, but a bullet to your head? That’s an instant. Not like we couldn’t put it out, either.”

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“No reward is necessary, and I assume that man didn’t come alone. I suggest that after I leave, that you kind folks start barricading the car.”

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“You mind if I pull a Cigar? I find it helps keep me calm during situations like this.” He asked.

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The bandit who walked in seems eager to fire his gun. You can tell, unlike the fool you shot, he seems trigger-hungry and ready to kill.

The woman laughs. “Sure. I enjoy one every now and then. Godspeed.”

“Well you can’t shoot me, otherwise crazy earl here will shoot you. And if you shoot crazy earl here, then I’ll have to shoot you.”

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“You drive a hard bargain missy.” He says moving the lighters flame further down the fuse. “Well this is interesting let’s make it 2 seconds.” He offers. “You know I ain’t kinding.” He states.

“He doesn’t looked armed,” the bandit replies. It is true… Bob does not carry a gun on him at the moment. “Ya think I’m a sucker? Hold still.”

The bandit fires a round at you. It only scrapes the side of your arm, thankfully. He gets ready to fire again, in the heat of the moment.

The snoring man starts to plead to God, feeling this is his final moments. The bandits, meanwhile, shove aside their guns, and raise their hands.

“Alright, alright!” the Victorian woman cries. “You win. P-Put it out!”

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Manco took that moment to whip out his gun again and fire at the other bandit."

“POW!” it rings. The bandit ducks, and the bullet lands into the side of the door behind him. This alerts the woman bandit, who looks behind just for a second to see the commotion. Feeling it is safe, since Richard is smoking, she turns around points her gun at you, Manco.