End Shadow freiya

Decided to build a ninja /assassin moc. Nothing too special so halfway through I decides to ad the red some kind of streaked Karen rider looking design on her.

For weapons she has the buster gun sword, a couple of chained throwing blades, the long knee spike can be used as a blade, and if need the tail ends of the scarf can be used as weapons too.

Also we got a blizzard recently so I took advantage for some outdoor pics or at least my patio .


The weapon scarf is a really neat idea. The asymmetry is also pulled off pretty well. Nice work!

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never mind them

I am distinctly jealous.

I got bored and ended up remodeling her weapons and red arm.

I got rid of those chain swords in favor of using the chain in the arm similar to a rocket fist or grapple function.


This looks cool and a bit better than the original version