Energy beast moc

here`s a moc that i have created and as i wanted to share, and i may share more mocs in the future:).

                                                  Bio on this moc

species: underground beast
name: energy beast
weapon: energy staff that can shoot laser bolts
ability: can absorb energy with energy staff

here is a picture of the staff itself just to show you at a better angle
if you want me to i can make a tutorial on how to make the staff


Could you show a picture with the staff at another angle? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t seeeeee

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there you go i just edited it

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Oh ya, that staff looks cool, I like the technique you use to put it together.

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The staff is pretty snazzy.

I can’t tell at this angle what’s going on with the back, but I can tell you that the neck needs to be a bit longer. Just a couple more pieces would make him look that much better.

You’ve done pretty well with keeping a decent colorscheme.

What I can see isn’t half bad; just needs a little work.