Enkidu, entry for Payinku's MOC contest (late)

So here is Enkidu. The wild man formed by the goddess Aruru from the image and ‘of the essence of Anu’, the sky god.

Yes, that is my sad attempt of a beard on his face.

Enkidu was created to be the anti-Gilgamesh, in a way. He was a man who drew his strength from the wild. He spent his days in the wild, eating grass with other beasts and generally not having a care in the world.

@Nyran shot.
In most media, he is depicted with small horns, but since this is meant to be Enkidu before he came to the city, I have opted for a more exaggerated look.

A close-up of that terrible beard. I’m thinking I may try again but with a metru head instead.

Here he is ready to battle his soon-to-be friend, Gilgamesh.

Height comparison with Tahu.

Wadda y’all think?


Well, I just realized that my submission will be late too. Good MOC, though.

I was gonna make a Gurren Lagann joke but nevermind

What joke is there to be made?


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That’s pretty good.

Never watched Gurenn Lagann (though it does look interesting), but I do like the overall appearance of this MOC.

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Beat me to it.

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This looks so cool!

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@darkbrick999 @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air @Stoax @Toakopaka8943

Thanks guys!


I love the head!