Entropy - V1(?)

Don't question it

it's a MOC

from the MOCing Process topic



main pic:
still not uploading ._.
I guess you'll have to use the convenient album I made.

Please don't kill me ;-;


well, I can't fault the construction,
but the use of yellow spacers makes this accidentally hilarious,

I see them as eyes,
the head looks so derpy because of it.

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On the head?

Those are the eyes.

They were originally grey, but after a short debate in the MOCist chat, I changed em to yellow

they're supposed to be like that though. Think of it what you will :slight_smile:

well it looks like a guppy in a mech suit.


They do look rather fishlike from the side :/

(though he is an alien so why the heck not?)

and thus he shall be affectionately referred to as fish-face.



I see

have you not noticed this yet, friend?

You must notice it >:(


I like it, especially in tesla-burst mode. I do feel that the legs are very complex compared to the rest of it, but it doesn't really detract from its overall appearance. Overall, it's pretty good.

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I noticed it, fish-face stole my mask.

Or maybe fishface is alluding to a future Yink MOC in the making

I kinda thought about this when I saw his head

He's pretty cool. I'm not really sure about either of the tesla or burst modes. They are cool conceptually, but they really do just look like he's covered in gems or oddly shaped flames.

The legs are fantastic, the torso's good, but the arms are a tad bit sparse. I don't often see that exo force blade used, so that's kinda nice to see.

Overall, good job. I wish I liked his distinctive features(the modes) a bit more, but it's all well executed.


(off for the night, will reply to any comments in the morning)


That sword just isn't the same without the sticker...

The waist..

Riddle me this

Why is it that the legs are "bulky" but the rest of the moc is skinny as all hell, it seems as though the legs don't even fit the moc

also tesla mode looks awesome

Love being the minority

yknow, this moc would be gr8 if you made the legs, like the rest of the moc

although really like that head

also I don't care if its story reasons.

not really going to gibe it a rating

I only really like the legs and the head.
so take that as you will

Cannot wait to be flamed by other users for disliking this moc.

Well, I've already said most of what I wanted to say before, so my thoughts on the finished MOC:

1: What is up with that waist?
2: I was fairly certain you were going to add some additional armor to the shoulders, as it is it looks bare
3: I just can't seem to see Tesla mode beyond him being studded with jewels
4: Whatever happened to the Plexiblades?

With the sticker on it doesn't fit this guy either. Gives him some form of detail where he's literally meant to be, well, a blank slate, and it just didn't fit.

If I had two I would totally use them to flip between Tesla Mode and non-Tesla Mode though.


Sorry but.

Everything you hate about this MOC was intentional. It's a Self-MOC, right?

I am stupid skinny. I wear baggy sweatpants alldayerryday.

This was meant to emulate that.

I do mean to fix up the 1 wide part of the waist though. Just don't know how yet.

1: See above.
2: I did. I also don't own the pieces that I was going to add.
3: This is true. This is what it is. The jewels would be conducting some form of electricity.
4: They're still around. Just didn't show them here because I'm missing a few pieces to finish the last two hilts, and I don't have access to the last two blades anyway. Part of the story does involve Entropy only having this one sword, so I figured it would work anyway.

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Rage Mode

I really like it! GG, M8.

"Ek: From snake. man to Fishman" book written by Ek


Thank god

This is the one main thing that bothered me.