EP 128: Var's Frustration with PoF's Leg Design

You know it. I know it. @IllustriousVar Knows it.

In a heated conversation, Var was frustrated over the Protector of Fire's leg design.

What do you guys think of it? Personally, I think it looks way better the way the instructions tell you. I am perfectly OK with sacrificing the articulation.



Well...aside from the future knee bending awkwardness for posing, the asymmetry looks very nice.


I all honesty, I like both versions.
The right leg has appearance on its side, while the left one has (only slightly better) articulation.

In a perfect world there would be two-module-length bones in place of the one-module-length ones.


CCBS was not designed for the purpose of making Matoran-Sized sets.


You can argue the Hero Factory 2.0 builds were Matoran size.


Well, when I think Matoran, I think more about Metru and Voya toran.
Of course, that's only because I compare the Protectors to those Matoran and not the ones from '08. The '08 size and build would work perfect with CCBS.


I personally don't mind it, however it bugs me a little.

Being a sucker for things with larger lower legs than upper legs, the original design appeals to me.


the shorter lower leg makes him more human-like.

Simple solution, just turn the armour on the left to the side rather than the front and its perfectly fine. At least that's how I chose to tackle the legs

The reason I dislike the PoF's legs is because his thighs are ridiculously short. It makes no anatomical sense for the shins to be twice the length of the thighs- I mean just try and imagine that on any kind of creature, let alone something humanoid.

It's especially evident when you try to put him in any kind of pose where he has to bend his legs. I mean try putting him in a sitting pose, it looks plain silly. Even his box art does a great job of showcasing how awkward the legs look. He would be physically incapable of walking, let alone fighting with legs like these.

Now, if he had double jointed knees, the length could almost be forgiven, but even then you're pushing it.

Also the argument of, "well... it adds bulk!" was completely ludicrous (which is what I really had an issue with). It adds absolutely no more mass than any other configuration.


I think why it works on the PoF (and by proxy, Ekimu) is because it works with the chest in terms of smooth contours. The 'moobs?' on him give it a nice and sleek look that complement the legs, in terms of armor placement.

I'm an agreement, though, the articulation is junk, and quite misleading in terms of packaging art. And does hamper the toy as a whole. The combination of mediocre weapons, short arms, as well as the leg construction should make the PoF a bad toy.

However, He is my favorite from the six because of those factors. Its hard to explain, but if I just stare at him on my desk, he carries a presence that I feel none of the other protectors carry. PoE comes close, but the gattling gun chest breaks up the smoothness that the PoF has, and his leg construction complements that.

I'll defend Gen 2 Vakama for very personal and aesthetic reasons, but I also cannot ignore with your points, Var. In fact, I agree with you. I do believe that in the end, the Protector of Fire makes a case of being unique that doesn't revolve around different armor placement or colors.


Oh yeah, I understand that it's really all a matter of taste. Aesthetically speaking the armor placement definitely compliments the overall design- I just can't get over that darn stubby thigh.

He definitely has the best torso build, which is why I find it rather disappointing that his limbs are so lackluster. If they could have just figured out a way to increase the length without sacrificing the stocky appearance he'd be perfect.

It's a shame that Ekimu will suffer the same fate despite the increased budget. But it's all up to preference, so to each his own.


I can't decide which would be my last choice, him or the protector of ice


I can relate to this so much.


When I went to Target the other day to get PoJ, there were only two of him and PoS left. Meanwhile, PoF and PoI had about 15-20 each left. xD


C'mon guys, the Protector of Ice is grand! His weapons can be a little awkward, but overall I love him.

Protector of Water, though? That set is horribawful.






Gosh, you have such awful taste >:I


Maybe I'm a heathen for even dare suggest this...

but PoF and PoI seriously have the easiest fixes for their arms ever.

Just add the smallest size HF Bone. It works super good for PoF, and decently ok for PoI

But eh. I do understand the desire to keep the sets stock.

On the note of the legs, I think it works aesthetically, but I certainly see Var's point regarding the limited posing options.