Erastosthenes, The Geographer

Normally when you build with Lego you think to build a hero or a villian to fight your hero, me I built a old man:

“And that is how we know the world is banana shaped.”

Comments and feedback are encouraged!


Haha nice I like him and his build is cool, a skeleton picture would be nice

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@Sealman133 probably should have added these originally:

Thank you for the comment.

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Nice work! I like how you did the armoring on the torso.

However, I would suggest that you add some sort of armor covering to the back of his legs, and maybe smooth his face out a bit. The 4 studs at the front of his face (snout?) stand out a bit too much.

Overall great work!

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Nice, and no
Sorry I did not see those.

@ReeseEH I definitely will, thanks for the advice!
As for the “snout” I had no real idea for what shape the face should be, so animalistic seemed the best.

@Sealman133 I meant I should have added them originally but I didnt, glad you like it though!

aren’t exclamation points great?!

This is absolutely gr8 m8 I r8 8/8.

Seriously, the addition of a beard is just awesome, and he really gives of the old man vibe.

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The greatest bionicle discover from all time! Po-Koro is a REPUBLIC !


@Toa_Vladin ha, that’s totally not a project I’m working on for my comic.

@BBricks thanks! I’m really glad you like it.

Wait, do you work on a comic?

@Toa_Vladin yeah, Jal's Superb Storytelling. (Saturday installments). It’s not my best work, but I’m still pretty proud of it.

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