Erdorn - The Enforcer (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Erdorn
Kanohi: Tamashii, Great Mask of Resistance
Assigned region: None
Status: Dead


Rahi creation, political debates or complicated plans weren’t amongst the things Erdorn considered worth his time. His work attitude was simple – determine who or what was to be crushed, then crush the target. He was a Makuta, after all, and the power that came with this fact granted him the privilege to do as he pleased.
Most of his brethren naturally didn’t think very highly of Erdorn for such narrow-mindedness, but no one could deny that Erdorn was a warrior to be reckoned with, and a highly efficient one at that.

After the defeat of the League of Six Kingdoms Miserix and Teridax shared the opinion that the defeat of the Barraki themselves wasn’t enough to ensure the peace, but that the Barraki’s high ranking officers that had stayed back to govern the various regions of the Matoran Universe would have to be eliminated, too. As a result several Makuta led attacks on Barraki fortresses al across the universe, but many Barraki-loyal commanders chose to go into hiding instead of searching open war. Lists of their names were composed and handed to Erdorn. His task: Find every one of them and eliminate them. Erdorn spent several decades on this mission, having killed or verified the death of about three quarters of the specified individuals before the mission was eventually called off.

At the Convocation Erdorn sided with Teridax since he figured turning against Mata Nui would provide him with more people to kill, but Teridax disappointed him by counting on lengthy preparations while keeping the facade of a benevolent Brotherhood of Makuta upright. Political assassinations and the like thus weren’t yet in Teridax’s interest.

Eventually Marzek put an end to Erdorn’s boredom when he requested an assistant from Teridax. An assistant who could be trusted and was able to do “rough work”. Sensing a chance to get rid of Erdorn before he decided to do something stupid on his own, Teridax thus quickly assigned him to Marzek.
Originally not very enthusiastic about serving some scientist, Erdorn soon changed his opinion when it became clear what Marzek wanted from him – to provide him with test subjects. Sure, Erdorn wasn’t supposed to kill his targets this time, but on the other hand it made his missions more challenging, especially since he was supposed to leave no traces – which in the end usually meant for him to seize the target, kill everyone else present and then blow up the place, blaming everything on an accident or Dark Hunters.
On one of his last missions Erdorn took a Toa captive, not knowing that this Toa was part of a team. The team went in search of their comrade, eventually coming across Marzek’s laboratory on the Northern Continent. Deciding to storm the place and free their friend, the Toa were quickly confronted by Erdorn, who easily killed two of the attackers before he was knocked back by a harmless counterattack. Unfortunately for him he crashed right into one of Marzek’s machines, which sent a massive discharge of Shadow energy into Erdorn. His Antidermis couldn’t handle all the pure elemental power, and so he died.

Erdorn wore the Kanohi Tamashii, Grat Mask of Resistance which automatically made him immune to the last type of elemental attack that hit him. He wielded a cannon through which he could channel his powers as well as a Protosteel blade to deal with whatever managed to survive long enough to get near him.

Size comparison:

Glatorian masks are so small compared to Matoran Universe masks…

MOC and backstory based on @Timeline15’s Makuta Erdorn

Vahki heads make for great knees - even if I sacrificed a lot of poseability and good looking poseability for that here… They also work amazingly well texturewise with Piraka armor and Visorak feet if you ask me. Also pretty proud of those feet. The chest gave me the opportunity to finally use one of those Inika chestplates I had lying around. Everything else is… pretty basic, I guess. Personally I’d probably have neither added the cannon arm (because I’m not a huge fan of cannons on Bionicle characters) nor the tail (it has maximum poseability, but it just seems a little bit off compared to the rest of the MOC in my opinion), but they work, I guess.
But all in all a unique building experience so far with those Makuta revamps which I definitely appreciated.

That’s 11+2 done:

I wonder, though if something like this might not give a better overview in the future :stuck_out_tongue: :

I need to put those boxes somewhere else…


This is really good, the chest piece does look a little bland though.


Except for the tail, this is actually my favorite of your Makuta mocs thus far. Even though it may be a little basic, it pulls of the hunter/warrior/assassin vide extraordinarily. I will look to this as an example when I try to pull off my own assassin character!
Also, your bin is WAY more organized than mine!

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Really nicely done Gil! You’ve made him look very muscular and imposing, making him look quite a bit bigger than the original, despite the size comparison photo showing that our versions are basically the same size.

He lacks the antidermis piping aesthetic and spiked back of the original, but hey, this is a reimagining, so I’m fine with that. Heck, a few bits of yours are actually better than the original, so I may have to revamp him at some point xD.

I quite like the backstory you’ve written for him too, though it makes him seem more like a dumb brute than the honour-bound brotherhood loyalist I pictured him to be, but that’s entirely on me for never writing that in his original thread.

All in all, happy to see one of my MOCs reimagined so well :slight_smile:.

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The tail seems off but the res is great

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Very nice.


Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed by your MOCs you continue to amaze me. This guy has good color distribution, his legs and feet are well-built (seriously that’s my fav part of the MOC) and the weapon is great too.


Those feet are :heart:


So much to love about this build. But the highlights for me are that blaster arm and the lower 2/3s of the legs. There’s real ingenuity in the design. Awesome stuff.

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OHHH man, this is my favourite so far!
The legs are beauties, and the poseability sacrificed has been well made up for by the fantastic aesthetic. The body uses the Inika armour effectively, and the body beneath looks compact and streamlined, although from the front or side, the loop the tubes make under his ribs looks… less than desirable. The tubes look great from the back, but from the front it is definitely the biggest complaint i have with the MOC. The left arm is good, but nothing to write home about. I love the Gun arm, though, and I feel you should absolutely add another Metru thigh armour to the sword arm to mirror the two. Unlike others, I think the tail looks good. It has great poseability and matches the colourscheme perfectly.

The story is also great. I have a good sense of the character and his history, but the words are concise and the information is detailed. The one contention I have is how the Brotherhood would have been perceived if they were caught abducting Toa before the Dark Time. I suppose his death would have been after the great cataclysm?

And on another note, I almost feel like your rapid improvement in both moccing and worldbuilding these characters necessitates a revamp of your revamp of Reppirax and numerous other earlier Makuta, as both the Mocs and stories seem less professional and of high quality as your later subjects. I suppose that’s a downside of improvement!

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The reason I didn’t was because I wanted the gun arm to be more bulky than the other one.

It’s supposed to be somewhen between the revolt of Teridax’s Toa Hagah and the Great Cataclysm. Although I’m not sure how well Teridax was aware of what kind of test subjects Marzek had Erdorn get him.

Glad you think I’m still improving!

Perhaps I’ll do that some day, but if I start revamping revamps now now I’ll never get finished… Same unfortunately goes for drawings and Book of the Brotherhood entries. The later ones are just so much better than the earlier ones…