Erebus: Left Hand Of The Allone

Erebus is the left hand of the Allone, whom the is god in my story I’m doing. Now the Allone split part of his soul in two, his left hand Erebus and his right hand Aether.
Both Erebus and Aether both share a important roll to the universe. You see, the Allone made seven worlds, each having a watcher call celestial. They inform Aether and Erebus on events, to see if the being of that world need help on to grow and evolve or to be cut down or they risk the balance, Erebus being the one to destroy being like this.

Erebus is early on the level of a god, but when Erebus, Aether or the celestial descend they are redeem mortal, a chose they agree on, because someone thought to abuse there godly power

As for weapons, Erebus has to guns

here’s a better look

And a blade

But his guns can do something else

All his weapons can combined into a scythe (oh by the way, these grey gun parts are meant to turn around, but I forgot)

The scythe can be a pain to pose, but I got it to work

The bohrok eyes are keys what the celestial use to opening door way to there worlds where they descend form there world

But you can see, Erebus has seven keys. well about that. when I say that the celestial inform Aether and Erebus on events that happen, one of which come across a ore which made into weapons grant the user elemental powers

The Allone say to leave them, but Erebus disagreed saying “they use power of a god, a power that these low life don’t deserve”

So taking the keys by forces, leaven some trap in there pocket world only to see what’s happing and can’t do nothing about it, and the others left on a world mortal and weak

Arm with his lance, his main weapon to destroy, it’s power godly as to what it can do

descenting a pond the world Erebus fort against guardians, really standing there own against him, looking like it go ever way

But Erebus has one more trick, opening up his essence up he has no limit to his power, but this dose leave Erebus vulnerable

And this was his down fall, with the combined strength of there elemental powers, the guardians defeated? Erebus

It is unknown as to what happened to him, because after the battle all was left of him was his lance and one of the keys

Oh one more thing to point out. some time ago my centaur moc was on Ven’s MOCs spot light and he said that he gets a dark knight feel off it, like it could serve a dark warlord or something. And well he’s right in some way, but I won’t go in to too much detail about that yet

Well that it for now, this one was a long one, but let me know on what you think, and I’ll be back with more


I love everything, especially the transformable guns.

This is some freaking amazing work. Everything about this is aww yes!!!

It is stunning, yet part of me feels the MOC could benefit from a larger head.


This is great! The only complaint I have is that the head is too underwhelming/small.

I really like it. The build and the weapons look great… however… I feel as if it is a bit too… boring… in the way that I have seen too many MOCs with this kind of build, aesthetic and colour choice.

But as I said… objectively it looks still great. I personally love the way the pistols/rifles look.

But wait, if he has a left hand, that means he’s no longer Allone
Get it?
######get it?

Anyway, I think it’s awesome, and intimidating!


He looks very regal, and godly. Nice work.

Amazing shaping but the head is a bit big

Edit: Autocorrect turned small into big rip

Most parts flow really well together however some parts like the torso and arms seem overcrowded in my opinion.

The guns are my favourite part. They look great and they’re two in one. Very useful.

I found Erebus’ backstory kind of confusing to follow, probably 'cause I’m tired but from what my brain is properly perceiving I’m actually quite interested in it.

He looks so cool

Looking snazzy! My only gripe would be that the head is a tad small. The rest looks great though!

the arm is too skinny it’s great tho

The core is too thin, and the chest is too large.

It’s… actually not edgy

Not edgy? then I have fail this Moc. Because when I stared this, my first ideas where to make it edgy as possible

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It’s so cool that it isn’t edgy

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