Ertoil, Toa of Sonics

Made in one afternoon to get myself to MOC again. He has a Sonic Gauntlet and a Wrist-Mounted Crossbow thing. Wrist attachment design credit goes to @ELE109.

Front Shot.

Side Shot.

Nyran Shot.

Skeleton Shots.

Non-Dynamic Posing.

Commentary and criticisim is apperciated.


His hands seems to be too small.

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They are a bit too small. What should I do to improve him?

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You could change the whole arm so you would use the bootleg hands with mobile fingers. Or you could just use the regular fist piece.

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  1. I could do that, but I don’t have the patience to get those for a tablescrap.
  2. He would have no finger articulation, so it would be hard to get dynamic posing out of him.
  3. I could just give him thumbs.

Or you can just give him thumbs…

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I kinda like the two hand design. Maybe you could pull a Toa Mata and make them bigger

Back looks really bare but nice attempt with the skull spider

Pretty aight/10

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It was more of a tablescrap, but thank you. Maybe I’ll give him new hands and use these on a different MOC.

Neat. The LEGO crossbow was a nice touch. However, visually I see no hints of any sonic powers. You should incorporate that into the armor or at least a weapon

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On his right arm he has a speaker gauntlet of sorts, though I don’t expect you to notice it, as it’s not featured prominently in any of the photos. It’s made from Jimi Stringer’s shoulderpads in his Breakout form.

His legs are way too short, or his torso is too short… But overall, the shaping works and the simplicity works

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I think it’s the torso.

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I like the custom torso. I wish I would build bodies like that.

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You might be right

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