ES-77 Kabutomushi Gundam

my first custom gundam kit

made with HG Zabanya,Seraphim,Exia and spraypaint

I painted the V-fin white as suggested by @joe


The horn is a bit odd, but over all I like it! The color scheme is also nice.

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Everything looks solid except for the horn.

It doesn’t look very integrated for a rhino-beetle’s horn.

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I agree…looks very well-done aside the horn…I think.

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Just so people can see, a Kabutomushi is a Japanese rhino-beetle.

I assume this was the inspiration for the horn.


I agree about the horn, but otherwise, this is awesome.

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I don’t know why you quoted me…I know what they look like. Remember that I wanted the glyos with insecticon color-scheme?

When you said “I think,” I figured I should post the image so everyone can see it.

True enough.

Looks really great, I like the choice of colour.

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Thanks everyone

i understand why you guys don’t like the horn,but believe me it looks a lot better in person

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Maybe it would help to make it white?

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or the blue i used? idk i mean if i make it white it’d probably end up a different white than the rest


The yellow seems a little too sparse to me; it makes the collar and horn tip look out of place.

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I think if it was anything but white it will look disconnected from the rest of the horn.

Try buying a white Gundam Marker, it should have the right shade :slight_smile:


welp i’ll try

I’d also recommend cutting off or covering the random balljoints on the upper torso.

he can’t peek out corners, that’s a weird design for the head

alright so i painted the V-fin in white

it does looks alot better imo


That does look very nice. I am getting into gunpla as well. Have you thought about giving it a more insect like colour scheme? I think a gloss black with incandescent sheen on the inner frame would give it much more personality.