Doors, doors, more doors. All of them locked, or trapped. Someone really doesn’t want anyone leaving this building. Not that I don’t know who. I saw it a few moments ago. I’ll never forget that face, those red eyes staring at me as it passed. I thought for sure it would kill me, but it just ignored me. But why should it kill me? In a few more minutes I’d be dead anyway.

As I was running, I still saw the thing in my mind’s eye. Calmly walking toward its destination, in no hurry to get there. Not like anyone could stop it. That thing had ignored me, because I hadn’t tried to stop it. I stood still, shivering, as it walked past, because I knew I couldn’t have stopped it if I’d tried. I doubted that monster would encounter any resistance before it got to its goal, but anyone who did get in the way… wouldn’t be for long.

This thing was cold, and not just because it was made of metal. It had a goal, and it didn’t care who lived or died in the pursuit of that goal. If I made it out, or if I didn’t, it wouldn’t matter to this thing. It would make its way to the core of the building, and then it would detonate, the explosion destroying the whole building. Just as planned, all so it could kill one guy. No one else in this building mattered.

I wanted to matter. I wished that guy was by my side right now. I’d come all this way, plunged into this doomed building, in a stupid attempt to fight fate, to save the guy this robot was here to kill. If only I could’ve found him. I’d searched the building as best as I could, until I saw it. Then I knew I was too late. All I could do now was run, try to save myself. I hadn’t known the stupid robot was going to lock every door behind it.

I tried to change fate. Instead, it looked like I was just going to get myself killed, along with everyone else in this dang-blasted building.

#####Author’s note: A couple nights ago, I had a dream. A very scary, intense dream. I had to transcribe it in a way that evoked the feelings of fear and futility I felt. And so, this.


Sequel when?


This reminds me of Terminator

Very nicely done.

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