Ever lost a rare(ish) mask?

When I was younger, I have faint memories of having a Blue Hau Nuva. It came in an Ebay auction back in 2006. The listing consisted of a Gahlok, Nuhvok, the Boxor, Makuta and a lot of Kanohi! I have most masks from the listing, my brown Akaku and a white misprint Matatau. I’m not sure even if this blue Hau Nuva existed, but I have very faint memories of having one. So, I ask you. Ever lost a rareish mask?


My brother traded away my turaga masks for candy back in elementary school. Other than that, I don’t think I have lost any.


it does, along with recolors of all the nuva masks.

I gave Toa Ignika’s mask away to my freind for free. I was a really dumb kid.

I was talking about the specific blue Hau Nuva that I had.

I once lost a gold Krana once (even though it’s technically not a mask) and a black Hau Nuva.

I broke an Olmak (I had two from Race for the Mask of Life).
The axle snapped off, and then it disappeared. I dunno where it is XD.

No, but my gold Vahi is bent.
(Not by me, I got it in a random lot)

I used to have the gold Makuta g1 mask, and that’s poofed away.

My dog chewed up both an Orange Vahi and half of my first TNGM.

Really stunk at the time.


Trans Neon Green Miru

Deja vu.


ohhh, those things.


I lost a silver MoL

My MoT went AWOL (Though I have so many parts it could be lost in them)

I lost a silver Mask of Light. Thankfully, I have a second one (thanks Teridax!)

I also lost a second gold Vahi once. I found it a few years later, but one of the sides was bent in a little. I still have an intact gold Vahi, though, which is already on display and will stay on said display.

When I was a kid I lost Takanuva’s golden mask of light.

I lost a whole figure once, including Vezon’s mask of life.

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Yeah! I lost my orignal Vahi from the Vahki promotion. Worst day ever! I also distinctly remember buying all six rahkshii and when I got home, much to my dismay, I discovered my Vohrahk had been opened and the shadow Kraata inside had been stolen. Sad days. :frowning:

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Wouldn’t you check to see if the boxes were opened before you bought them?

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At the time I was ten, blissfully ignorant of the world, and devoid of common sense. :stuck_out_tongue: