Evil Eljay?

I don't understand... I thought Eljay was already evil?


does that make this guy good?

he is the chosen one


He has a deviantart


I had the same problem with double posting

It is great that you feel empathy for me.

Eli. J is definitely the good brother and Eljay is the bad one (srsly who hates pink? Eljays is evil not Eli. J)

What if Eli J. is one of Eljay's split personalities? /s

The worst kind of illness for a male human. In all seriousness, this guy watches me on deviantArt, and he is creeping the hell out of me.


Same here :stuck_out_tongue:


What's wrong with him?

I just see him as just another guy. Did he do something? I don't really see how he's a more evil Eljay

infact, other then to joke, why do we have this topic?

cause we must worship the light eljay

I should quote my best friend, Felipe Ajax Blowzy: "Magical ponies are the least manly things I can ever think of."