Evil twins attack! Mwahahah

I added the Mwahahah because it seemed funny

Basically create your evil twins and then in a new topic, we fight them!
Basically their name and appearance are the opposite of your TTV message boards persona, for example:

Name: OneOfAMillionPeopleWhoLikePhantoka

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Name: Notcj
A lightning rod, with a lightning bolt striking it, and a “not” sign overlayed over that.

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Name: Lepin David.
Appearance: Lepin T-1 Typhoon MOC.



Traykar, except he’s a horrific combination of a wolf and a clock.

I thought it’d be a cat accepted mwah aha

Uhm… Mate. Isn’t this supposed to be a rp?

No it isn’t

Think the mafia games in a few aspects

I am pretty sure this should be an rp.
Otherwise why you would say accepted every time a new characters shows up?
And the mafia games are nothing like what this is supposed to be.
And you also need to talk with a mod to make one.

My evil twin exists. His name is Bohrohkfan27 and he took over my account on April first. I have vowed vengeance ever since.

Evil Twin: @Ekorak

Appearance: Skinny, glorious legs, nonexistent torso.



probably a crab

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I think my Evil Twin would probably be called @Hawkflight.

He’d be bulky, with terribly designed lower legs but a rather sturdy torso build.


Dice Tosser
He looks like a perfectly normal Goku that’s drinking frozen coffee

probably just my sister

All accepted

Okay it’s literally just mafia guys

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Shadow O(o)ni(e)
Appearance: black, horned, clawed, raspy voice, unemotional and egotistical, carries katana and staff.

All accepted

Signups are closed

The game has begun