Exo Toa v.2

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


You should try reuploading those last pics, for all I can see right now I like how it looks when there is no toa inside, with tahu in it it looks weird


nicely down. although i must ask if those legs are stable?

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Looks pretty good. Definitely harkens back to the original set

Hey Fidda, sorry about that, I will try to reupload the other pictures as they give a better view on the exo toa with the toa inside

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Looks really cool, while keeping a similar look to the original. :grinning:

Creative content updates are exempt from this rule.

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Well some of the armoring could use a little work, such as the clawed lower legs but otherwise its pretty good, give off that early G1 titan vibe too.
Also there are a few failed uploads on your post, just delete the words that say uploading since its a glitch.

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Oh, thank you.

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The legs are fairly stable, but only so much movement can be performed before upper weight kicks in

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