Expanding Okoto Community Project

As you know, G2 was a little…lackluster, at best. But the potential it had was grand. So, I had an idea, why don’t we all band together to expand the world G2 gave us? This project will include making new artifacts, characters, creatures, places, and, arguably most important of all, stories of both Okoto’s history, and of it’s future. As this is a pretty ambitious project, I’m gonna make it in phases.

So, phase one will include us making:

Fire Region:

5 animals/creatures (including Moc) (@Fidda:1, 4 left)
5 new areas (including ruins or large villages) (including placement on Okoto map and possibly art or description of design and purpose.)

Jungle Region:

5 animals/ creatures (@Runa:1, @DarkHenrik:1, @Fidda:1, 2 left)
7 new areas

Water Region:

5 animals/creatures
5 new areas

Ice Region:

5 animals/creatures (@Winterstorm345:1, 4 left)
5 new areas

Stone Region:

5 animals/creatures (@Winterstorm345:1 4 left)
5 new areas

Earth Region:

5 animals/creatures (@Fidda:1, 4 left)
5 new areas


6 animals/creatures
3 new areas


2 animals/creatures (@LTVmocs:1, @DigitalDeath3321:1)
5 artifacts found within (@Runa:1, 4 left)

3 stories taking place after Makuta’s defeat. (Involving Okotans, I think it’s a little soon to bring in more Toa) (@Calebmar12:1, 2 left)
5 ancient masks (made before Ekimu’s time) (including artwork) (@Calebmar12:1, @Sabretooth:1, 3 left)
5 more artifacts found around the island. (Including artwork)

As of now, I’d say 3 things per person at a time, so I’ll start. I guess I’ll do the history on the island, as I already started on that before I thought up this project, 1 jungle region animal, and 1 artifact in the Labyrinth of Control.

Let’s hope this does good! (If this needs moved to another place, please do so, but this seemed to be the best place.)


You probably wont accept it but either way i dont care to much. I have a design for an ancient mask and several new characters for a story i plan to stretch from thousands of years before makuta made the MoUP to a year after the toa left if your interested

Sounds good. So I can put you down for 1 story and 1 mask?

I suppose…
Although the question is if it conforming to your guide lines. For example… you know what i will just link chapter one here Plague of Shadows Chapter one (Bionicle G2 Prequel/Continuation)

And the mask

But like i said if you decide against having it thats all good. The story was planned as stand alone from anything else and will easily stay that way

Seems like it will work, and I can fit it into my stories of the past, the Lost History series shameless self plug,

hi, i created this feline creature for your project, what do you think? i was thinking it could serve as some form of feline commonly found as a house pet for Okotoan villagers:


I can PM you the story arc details for the period before makuta made the MoUP if you like

Yeah, it’s good! Do you want me to put it down as from a specific region, or from the mountains, or the labyrinth as it’s place of origin?
@Calebmar12 yes, please do

i think this feline is mostly found in the jungle region.

Sounds good!

I might join, butI need to clear up for some time

Sounds great! Any idea what you’re gonna do for it yet?

Is this like the project we did before?

Not that I’m aware of. Which project?

It’s kinda like a more complex version of it

Yeah, I guess it’s just expanding on it, but it’s more about the world they live in, more than the Okotans themselves.

Well then can I use a creature that I used in the other project?

I have an earth creature, a fire creature and a okotoan fly trap

Yeah, go ahead.


Earth creature, I will take the fire creature pic tomorrow

I decided to make one of umarak’s species